stocking a 55 and 40 breeder

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    im trading some fish for a 40 gallon this weekend! so the 55 can be my cichlid tank. this is what i've been thnkin, but need advice.
    1-electric blue jack dempsey(i found a good breeder) or a severum(gold or red shoulder)
    1-blood parrot
    6-congo tetras
    3-syno petricola
    would a male or female cutteri cichlid be too much?
    filteration- a tetra 30-60 and an aquatech 30-60. ill upgrade to 2 aquaclear 110's as the cichlids grow.
    plants- floating plants and lily plants.

    8-northern mountain swordtails
    10-cherry barbs
    2-bristlenose plecos
    would corys be too much?
    filteration- aquaclear 70
    plants- dwarf sagitaria, jungle vals, bacopa, hygro, ludwigia, anubius, wisteria, and whatever else.
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  3. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member