stocking a 50 gallon bow, is this too much or can i put more? 50 Gallon Tank

  1. ang1329 Initiate Member

    a rio-negro pleco, starry night pleco, synodantis angelicus catfish, synodantis eupterus catfish, 3 demasonicichlids, 3 electric yellow cichlids, 3 red peacock cichlids. Keeping 1 male to 2 female in species and lots of hiding for territories. Or should i get rid of 1 pleco and 1 synodantis cat? Let me know of suggestions on changes i should make or if this just fine.
  2. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    Honestly, I'd get rid of both of the plecos. Sometimes Mbuna don't do well with them at all.

  3. ang1329 Initiate Member

    okay so i'll get rid of the plecos and keep the synodantis. would i be able to add some more cichlids then?
  4. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    I wouldn't. That tank is on the small side IMO for Mbuna. I don't know of any 50 gallon bowfront tanks, so I'm going to assume that it's a 46 bowfront. That's only a 3 foot tank if I'm right. I'd go with a minimum of a 4 foot tank for Mbuna just because of aggression, but if you don't try to put too many different species in there I suppose it could work out.

  5. ang1329 Initiate Member

    well its not exactly a bow its kinda weird, and dont know what to call it because its almost a hexagon but its cut in half and its 2.5 feet wide and haven't been able to pick it up yet so it may be more or less i don't know yet. i've just been making estimates
  6. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    A flat back or stretch hex maybe? I'm not as familiar with the tank sizes for those. A 2.5 foot tank is not a lot of room for Mbuna. Are you interested in Tanganyikan cichlids at all? Your tank would be great for fish like shelldwellers, brichardi, leleupi, julidochromis, etc. (not all at once, of course). :)
  7. outlaw Well Known Member Member

    These are all African (Malawi and White Nile):
    3 electric yellow - ~4-5" long each (generally peaceful, but I have seen them get aggressive and actual attack a Male Red Fin bigger then him).
    3 red peacock - ~5" long each (Territorial Cave Dweller)
    3 demasoni cichlids - ~4" long each (Aggressive)
    synodontis eupterus catfish - ~8"
    synodantis angelicus catfish - ~8"

    If you were to stick to the general rule of 1" of fish per gallon, that is about 55" fully grown. With Cichlids you can slightly overstock (not all cichlid species) to bring down the aggression. Also note that Cichlids are awesome waste producers and will require higher then usual filtration.

    Don't want to mix:
    starry night pleco - ~4" (from South America)
    rio-negro pleco - ~4" (from South America)

    Unless you "must" have the catfish, I would not get them and stick with the 3 sets of cichlids with a good filtration system.

    Also keep in mind, you say you will have lots of hiding spots, if the fish are small when you get them that is easy. If you are planning to upgrade the tank when they get bigger then I retract this statement. It is not easy making plenty of hiding spots for larger fish.

    We used to have fully grown Male Red Fin (8"), 2 Female Red Fin (4"), and 1 Male Electric Yellow (~5") in a 46 Bow. There is not too many places to make hiding spots as well as give them enough swimming room.

    Just my 2cents worth but Good Luck and make sure to post pics! :D

  8. ang1329 Initiate Member

    i will and thank you. i got a salt water filter that we have to change and clean out but it is really good from what i heard. thanks for the advice
  9. outlaw Well Known Member Member

    Just in case you didn't see this since i edited the same time you posted.

    Unless you "must" have the catfish, I would not get them and stick with the 3 sets of cichlids with a good filtration system.

    with the color of the fish, it should make for a cool assortment of colors.

    not to thread steal or anything but to give you an idea.

    8" Male (orangish/red and blue)
    ~5" Male electric Yellow
    ~4" Female (Grey and yellow) They are hiding.

    You can kinda get the picture that with this size tank, having several larger fish may look cramped. (Nevermind the aquascaping, doesn't look like that now:D).

    Hope this helps a little more then just trying to imagine it.
  10. ang1329 Initiate Member

    okay then. i like the set up of the tank looks good.