Stocking a 38 Gallon Bow Front


Hi. I am hoping to get some input on a new possible stocking plan. It's a 38 gallon bow front with a Penguin 200 Bio Wheel Filter. Approx. dimensions are 24" tall, 30" long and 14" deep (splitting the difference between the sides and the center bow). I have a 200 Watt heater, sand substrate and artificial plants with some caves and driftwood.

These are the fish in the order I plan to purchase...

8 x Colombian Tetra
2 x Bolivian Ram
1 x Dwarf GouramI
1 x Keyhole Cichlid
8 x KuhlI Loach

Any thoughts on this setup would be greatly appreciated.


I personally would choose between the keyhole and the rams. 3 different cichlid species in a 36 bowfront longterm is not good. You can see from my signature I have 2 smiling acaras and a tbar cichlid in my 36 but the tbar is a baby (about 1.5 inches) and will soon be going to a 75 gallon.

As far as the rest of your stock, I would up the kuhlI numbers to about 10-12. They'll be happier with a larger group and you have the room.
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Thanks for the reply tyguy7760. Noted on the cichilds. I was originally going with an Angelfish, but I really wanted some schooling tetras as well and started to worry about nipping/snacking. I thought that the keyhole might be a good fit since it seems (from reading) to be fairly docile like the rams, but I know that the bow front doesn't give a lot of surface area.

I will definitely add more loaches. I actually had that number higher (based on previous advice) but dropped it down for some reason. I have read recently that they have a lighter bioload so it's good to know you think I have room.


Yeah I'm not sure I'd be comfortable putting multiple cichlid species together in the same tank until you get to maybe a 36 inch tank.

An angelfish would be fine in your bowfront if that's what you really wanted. I wouldn't worry about nipping/snacking as long as you don't get something really small like a neon tetra. Maybe not columbian tetras as I *think* they have a rep of being nippy. But they might be fine.

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