Stocking a 35L Biorb Tube (Cylinder Shape) with a Male Betta


This is my first fish tank and is a bit ambitious, but I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

I decided on the 35L (9 Gallon) Biorb Tube. It's such a nice looking tank. I plan to keep it on my kitchen counter in a shaded spot under the cabinets. I have read on here that there are many problems with the classic Biorb, but I found this video from the Pond guru indicating that you can upgrade Biorbs with Biohome media, which is supposed to be pretty good. The dimensions on the 35L (9 Gallon) Biorb Tube are also perfect for my kitchen counter. It's a cylinder with a 16" diameter and 14" height. This provides good surface area at the top for oxygen and plenty of surface area at the bottom as well, which were both a problem in the original biorb classic design.

I plan to put a course foam underlayment beneath the biohome gravel media. And then cover it with Pisces midnight pearl aquarium gravel which reviews said is very smooth and good for corydoras. Do you think that the gravel will be ok over the Biohome? Has anyone tried this? Also, do you think that this gravel will be ok for the pygmy corydoras? I know that sand would be best, but that's not going to work in the Biorb tank.

This is going to be a centerpiece tank featuring a gorgeous halfmoon betta:

Stock Plan
1 Male Halfmoon Betta
6 Pygmy Corydoras
1 Golden Mystery Snail
3 Amano Shrimp
15 Marimo Moss Balls
2 Water Sprite

Is this too much? I plan to do 1 gallon water changes 1x per week.

My tank is almost finished cycling. First, I will put the pygmy corydoras in with the amano shrimp and mystery snail. How long should I wait before I introduce my betta? What if he becomes aggressive? Do I take him out or the thing out that he was trying to attack?

Many advised not to put pygmy corydoras in with a betta, but I thought that pygmy corys would do better than dwarf corys without sand since they spend more time at the mid-level of the aquarium.


Here is a picture of the 35L Biorb Tube before the conversion to Biohome substrate and also a picture of my betta:


biorbtube before.jpg

Here is a picture of the tank before the conversion upgrade that I am starting.
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I would skip the pygmy corys, they need a minimum of 10 gallons. I think without them you had a pretty good plan. You may need to do more than 1 gallon water changes just because mystery snails produce a lot of waste.
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I'd skip the mystery snail and go with the pygmy. It might not work with the pygmy but i think they would be incredible in that tank and like betta they can go to the surface to breath if they need to. A mystery snail is a pretty large monster and the tank odd shape might be an issue. If you really want snails i'd go with nerite but the shrimp should do fine with the algae. Don't know if the betta will poke at the shrimp (or pgymy for that matter).
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