stocking a 30 gallon freshwater aquarium

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    Hello all this is my first ever post. I want some opinions on stocking my newly cycled 30 gallon freshwater aquarium. It is running a marineland penguin 200B with a bio-wheel and a fluval aquaclear 50 filter. The temperature is lightly flucuating between 72-76 degrees F. I am thinking a tank featuring a pair of Firemouths. I have kept them in the past and love them, just having conflicting thoughts on tank-mates. Any suggestions and stocking list would be helpful.
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    Hi, Welcome to FishLore!

    I hope you have a great time on the website and everybody helps you out when you need it. Sounds like you know about the Nitrogen Cycle which is good! After 3 posts You can also post what equipment, stock, tank size, etc.. in you profile so everybody can see what you use. Also can post what water conditioners, and test kit you use!


    As far as stocking with fire mouths, I have no real experience with keeping them or on compatibility with other fish. I'm sure somebody on the site will be able to help you out though!
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    Thank you MotoDude104