Stocking a 29g for my sister

  1. TKDennison Member Member

    I am currently painting the rims and the back of a tank I'm setting up for my sister's 16 birthday.

    Will be using the QT at my house for each fish, and then transporting them over. (they live 2 miles away)

    I already had the 2 pearl danios that the LFS sold me as my first fish after it was cycled.
    I waited months and months and they never got any more, so I added 3 Giant Danios.

    Now the giants are way too big to care about schooling with the pearls, So I'm gifting them to her, and the male DG I have.

    was at petco checking out the sale and they happened to have 4 pearls! they are in my QT now.

    Need some stocking help.

    4- Mystery Snails
    6-Pearl Danios
    1M 2F Dwarf Gourami (called LFS and they can order me Females)
    6-Peppered Corys

    Or would this be overstocked?
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    What are the dimensions of the tank? Giant danios need plenty of swimming space, I wouldn't keep them in less than a 3ft tank bigger being better.
    Apart from the giants the rest of the stocking looks ok but change the species of cory, they need much cooler temperatures than the gourami.

  3. TKDennison Member Member

    The giants are in my 75g
    The pearls are going in this tank.

    I keep my tanks at 78.

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  4. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Sorry, I read it wrong, still change the corys though peppered do best at 20-22c, there are lots of others you could have that would be happy at your tank temperature.

  5. TKDennison Member Member

  6. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Bronze, albino, trilineatus, sterbai are some of the more readily available species
  7. TKDennison Member Member

    I can get peppered, trilineatus, robust, and panda here

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  8. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Robustus are one of the larger species I think you'd be pushing the stocking with 6 of those, trilineatus are probably a better option
  9. Viriam Karo Well Known Member Member

    For what it's worth, I adore my trilineatus cories :D they're in my 29 gal with a DG, harlequin rasboras, and guppies.
  10. TKDennison Member Member

    Me too! I have 4 that just came out of QT. Getting 4 more when the pearl danios have finished their lockdown period

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  11. TKDennison Member Member

    So I scratched the DG idea unless my 3-spot starts bullying him...

    So all I have decided on is:
    x6 pearl danios
    x6 peppered cory

    Going to keep the water temps 72-74ish

    Need another school of fish for these temps. Ideas?

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  12. walt722 Initiate Member

    What about some celestial pearl danios (galaxy Rasboras). If you bumped the temperature up slightly to about 76-78 you could keep male endlers or some rummynose tetras. However rummynose tetras are a little sensitive to water quality.