Stocking A 29 Gallon With A Angel Fish


Ok so I'm in the process of cycling my 29 gallon and I'm trying to kill time by making a stocking list and what order to introduce them in. My tank has bdbs substrate, aqua clear 70 hob filter, two rocks, and a huge piece of driftwood. The fish I really want as my center piece is an angelfish and I also wanted to get a pleco and some catfishes. Now I'm not sure how much more I can add without overstocking as well as what species of pleco and cat fishes and the quantity. I wouldn't mind having some colorful schooling fish to compliment the others. Suggestions?


Where’s your pic? We all love pics. Even if I can’t see it, hubby can tell it to me.
I’m partial to gold White Cloud Mountain minnows. The colors are beautiful and they stay small. But the minnows like cooler water. I currently have three albino corys (need six) in my 29. I have to get my 40 long going before I can get more.
There’s so many to choose from. How on earth are you going to decide? All of mine are rescues so I didn’t have to make the decisions. Which angelfish?


I have a 34 gallon with an angel, an albino Bristled nosed pleco, corydoras, a honey gourami, a guppy (male) & a small school of rasboras. I have at least 20-40 nitrates each week & do a 50% water change. I would personally not do guppies with the angel again. Our guppies have all ended up with torn fins - and I am suspicious the angelfish is the cause.

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