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    Hey! I have a planted 25 gallon tank and I’ve posted about it many times. Currently there is a hair algae problem: Algae Problems

    It might be my lack of nitrates. I currently have 1 honey gourami, 5 hq rasbora and 1 porkchop rasbora. (Store’s mistake.)Two of the hq seem like they are being bullied or sick. I am going to post about them later. I think that one of the hqs is gravid. Uh oh!

    I am planning on getting 8-10 kuhli loaches.

    Should I get more pork chop or more hq, and how many?

    Should I get more honey gouramis? I think mine would love a buddy, but I don’t want babies. Also, I haven’t seen any females.

    Is there anything else I should add to the tank? Maybe something for the algae. Thanks!
  2. jaymethy

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    For you algae problem, I would check out if there are any snails that would leave your plants alone.

    All the pictures/sites I'm seeing are telling me that hq and porkchop rasboras are the same thing???? Either way all rasboras are shoaling species, so I would definitely get at least 4-5 more of whatever the pet store is selling you as porkchops. Unless your porkchop is shoaling with the hq's, then I image that's fine as is. Though more than 6 in a shoal is better.
    I wouldnt worry about the gravid female. Female's produce eggs that need to be externally fertilized by the male, and in most community tanks that doesn't happen with rasboras.

    Honey gouramis can be quite aggressive towards other male (and female) gouramis, so adding another would be a gamble. If you were, add at least two more so the aggression is spread out. And make sure there are sufficient hiding spots. That being said, I kept 3 male dwarf gouramis in a 10G with no problems.

    I think if you add the gouramis your tank is pretty well stocked, but if you decide against them, you could build up your rasbora shoal, or add in a small shoal of small tetras. However, if you think some of your fish may be sick, I would highly suggest waiting before adding anything!
  3. OP

    Gdpierce79Valued MemberMember

    Ok. Thank you. I thought that “pork chops ” are smaller and redder.

    So, I will (once all fish are recovered) add more rasboras so that the school is at about 10. I will add the kuhlis and some snails and shrimp. Next, I’ll consider adding honey gourami. If I don’t, could I add a few Endlers? Just a thought.
  4. jaymethy

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    With 10 rasbora's I would suggest just a couple endler's over the honey gourami's, because you'd need at least 2 more honey gourami's and they get relatively "large" compared to what you've got in there.
  5. OP

    Gdpierce79Valued MemberMember

    Ok thanks. What do you think about:
    8-10 kuhli loaches
    1 hg
    10 rasbora
    2-3 Endlers
    1-2 snail
    10 Amano Shrimp
  6. puffer boi

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    I think you are miskateken for a dg.
    honeys are very peaceful
    1 would get loney so i would add 2 more
  7. OP

    Gdpierce79Valued MemberMember

    So, do you think I should add males, then?
  8. puffer boi

    puffer boiWell Known MemberMember

    i not sure what gender to add. but i think that would be fine
  9. OP

    Gdpierce79Valued MemberMember

    K. What do think about this stock:
  10. Hunter1

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    Honeys are very peaceful. They can even be a little shy if the tank is busy. I would add a female if you can find one.

    Don’t worry about breeding. Tricks to breed them includes 6” deep water so daddy can catch the eggs easier and put them back in the bubble nest.
  11. OP

    Gdpierce79Valued MemberMember

    So what would you suggest for stock?

    Edit: I am also medium planted if that changes things.

    I am going to go to bed, it’s 11:30 here, so I’ll respond in The morning.
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  12. Kingofnon

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  13. Hunter1

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    I’m not a loach fan so i’m eliminating them so you may not like this suggestion:

    10 raspboras

    6 corys

    3 endlers

    2 honey gouramis.

    This is a total, add to your current stock to get to this. This is pretty heavily stocked but I wouldn’t say you are overstocked.
  14. LCB0612

    LCB0612New MemberMember

    Get a few nerite snails and an SAE. That will fix your algae problem right away.
  15. Hunter1

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  16. LCB0612

    LCB0612New MemberMember

    An SAE would totally fix up algae, you could probably stick one in a 25 without issue. I've had one in my 20 gallon for 9 years and he's very healthy.
  17. puffer boi

    puffer boiWell Known MemberMember

    naw they get aggressive and very big
  18. LCB0612

    LCB0612New MemberMember

    SAEs stay about 6 inches and only go after other SAEs. Are you sure you're not thinking of Chinese algae eaters?
  19. Kristian Acevedo

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    You could have 10-14 rasboras, 6-9 cories, 2 honeys, and shrimp and a few snails and be totally fine. What are the dimensions on your tank? I’m assuming it’s the same footprint as a 20g long or bigger, so that stocking would be fine. Overstocking is in the eye of the beholder (within reason obviously) so it’s up to you and what kind of work youre willing to do for the tank
  20. Carlthefishnotthelama

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    iv had mine in a 29 for awhile now and its still small (about guppy size) and very frendly to my tetras