Stocking a 25 gallon

  1. Lizanne Initiate Member

    Okay I upgraded from 5 gallon to a 25 gallon. I already have a female guppy, around 2 dozen of her fry (1 month or so old) and an albino Cory catfish. I know I want to get another Cory for my first one. But what else should I put in the tank? (I don't want any snails or shrimp)
  2. Lizanne Initiate Member

    And my dad just came home with a male beta so add that to the list.

  3. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    The corys should be in groups of 6+ so get at least 5 more.
    The Betta & guppies may not get along it'll depend on the Bettas temperament whether he does or not & he may see the fry as snacks if they're small enough to fit in his mouth.
    I would just get the extra corys & leave it at that for now as the guppy will probably have more fry.
  4. Lizanne Initiate Member

    Okay. I actually wouldn't mind the beta eating some of the fry because I have way too many and no where to put them. Do cories of the same sex do well together?

  5. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Yes they do, corys are very peaceful fish.
    I forgot to say get more albinos not a different kind of cory.
  6. Lizanne Initiate Member

    Will do!