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    Hi all! I'm relatively new here, and I firstly want to thank everyone I've encountered so far, who have educated me on the proper way to keep my goldfish. I am planning to rehome my babies to a large tank or pond soon, but in the meantime I am looking ahead to what kind of fish I can keep in the 20gal tank that will be vacated. I do not want anything tropical as I prefer not to have to mess about with heaters. I don't care for Bettas so that's out. I have three young kids who like to watch lots of fish swim around, so if there's some kind that I could get a lot of (without overstocking of course) that would be ideal. Thanks in advance!
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    I would still recommend getting a heater to keep the temperature stable.

    You could have
    8-10 WCMM or CPD Or 6-8 Odessa barbs, gold barbs, Buenos aires tetras, bloodfin tetras, leopard danios, glo danios or zebra danios.
    3 variatus platies
    6-8 peppered cories
    5 amano shrimp
    2 nerite snails
    Dojo loaches need a 4 foot tank minimum
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    Oops, okay then.
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    Yeah it's just because they usually get to around 10 inches and are pretty active (at least mine are) and are social.
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    I didn't know haha! I just knew they were cold water fish so I wrote them on my list forgetting about the fact that's it's only a 20 gallon tank.
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    The temperature in my house is quite stable. we keep it at 72 degrees F year-round, and the tank is located in the main living area. I do have a thermometer in the tank to monitor temperature changes but it's never gone below 70. I'd be more concerned about it getting too warm during the late spring/early summer months before we start the air conditioners. (it has been as high as 84).

    Is all that for one tank? or would it be an either/or situation? Also, I have kept snails in the past, and had issues with their shells getting holes in them. what causes that and how might i prevent it in the future?
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    Yeah all for one tank but take note of the "or". Just do one school.

    I think the shells getting holes is if the hardness or Ph is too low but I could be wrong.

    I would class 84f as tropical lol
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    Yeah, I believe the holes in the shells might be caused by a lack of calcium.
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    That's so odd. The tap water where I live is super hard.

    Yea it's usually only like that for a couple days at the end of may/beginning of June before I get too hot and make my husband put the air conditioners in lol
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