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I was Talking with my dad and he said he wanted a 200g saltwater tank in our living room.
he wants a "dory" and a "Nemo". I am looking for suggestions on a 200g stock. (no blue tangs please)
I was thinking of stocking with fish, shrimp, and snails, and maybe some crabs. I'm not looking for fish that get too large I want to keep the fish small or medium


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I'm confused. You said your dad wants a "Dory and a Nemo" but then you say you don't want any Blue Tangs? Dory is a Blue Tang, or are you saying he wants one but you don't. In a 200 gallon you can put just about anything you want in it other than the largest Angel fish or sharks/rays. If you aren't doing corals then there is a wide assortment of butterflyfish you could add:

Large Angels (if you are wanting smaller angels I would look at the Genicanthus Angels and they are good to go with corals, which most Angels aren't):

Dwarf Angels:

Clown Fish


Foxface/Rabbitfish (be aware that they have venomous spines)

Gobies (get a sand sifter for your substrate and it will aerate the sand bed for you)

Smaller Tangs (I would avoid the Powder Blue and Brown though as they are ich magnets and more delicate)


More Wrasses:

Maybe a Marine Betta:

Blennies would also be good as would an orchid dottyback. I would avoid all other dottybacks and damsels as they tend to be aggressive buttheads that challenge anything in sight

For Shrimp, IMHO the all around best shrimp would be the Cleaner Shrimp. Cleans fish of parasites, eats left over food, eats detritus (fish poop), if something dies it will help consume it and is less likely than other shrimp to be eaten by an invert munching fish.

For crabs I really only recommend the hermits as others can bother or damage otherwise healthy fish.

For snails: Trochus and Astrea are probably the most useful. Trochus can generally flip themselves over if they get flipped. Turbos are algae eating machines but tend not to last and can disturb your rockwork and potentially corals.
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