Stocking A 15 Us Gallons/60 Liters

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Aquarismtoday, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. AquarismtodayNew MemberMember

    Hi Guys! I currently have a 15 gallon/60 liters long aquarium rumming and I have doubts regarding stocking. Right now I have 2 cockatoo cichlids (apistos), 1 bristlenose pleco and a dwarf crayfish. Is this stocked correctly? Can I add more fishes?
    Thank you!! :)
  2. KiksWell Known MemberMember

    Even though a site like advice to keep bristlenoses in a tank with the base dimensions 60 x 30 (23.6 x 11.8), a lot of other sites suggest something like 25 - 30 gallon. I've kept one myself in a 30 gallon long and it definitely used all the space. To me the bristlenose does not belong in a 15 gallon.
    For the pair of apistos I'd suggest something like 20 gallons as a minimum - though again there are sites that suggest 15 gallons. When it comes to the dwarf crayfish I don't know much, but 15 gallons is definitely enough space for it, however I don't know if you're running the risk of it getting eaten or the crayfish eating some other fish.

    I'd say that since you have both the apistos and the bristlenose in a tank that's slightly too small, I wouldn't add anything else. Especially not when the apistos are semi-aggressive.
  3. AquarismtodayNew MemberMember

    Thank you for your feedback Kiks. Much appreciated. Btw do you know about white patches on the back of the bristlenose? (definitely not ich). I've seen many BN with these at the pet store.
  4. KiksWell Known MemberMember

    Unless it looks fluffy or in other ways "odd", it's just their natural coloration. It changes a little from time to time and can be caused by stress, change in environment, temperature, etc. Usually nothing to worry about.
  5. AquarismtodayNew MemberMember

    Got it. Thanks!!
  6. imbaWell Known MemberMember

    Your tank is quite heavily stocked towards the bottom. The fishes might compete for space as they grow, or when the apistos decide to spawn.

    I wouldnt add anymore fish unless you plan to rehome / restock
  7. AquarismtodayNew MemberMember

    Yes :/ I will need to upgrade my tank so I can give home to all of them and maybe be able to add some middle/upper-zone fishes.
    Thanks Imba