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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by sylviepld, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. sylviepld

    sylviepldValued MemberMember

    Finally at the stage where I can start adding fish to my new tank! I have some in there now while it finishes cycling. I have a 75 gallon riverine tank with some plants and driftwood. See attached pictures. aquarium 1.jpgaquarium2.jpg
    I have actually added two more plants since this picture. The temperature is 74 degrees farenheit. I am using a Hydor 410 cansiter filter and a power head. When I am finished this is what I would like to have:
    7 zebra danios (2.5")
    6 Cherry barbs (2")
    5 bronze corys (3")
    10 Roseline Sharks (get up to about 4")
    1 vampire pleco (4")

    I was wondering if this is too much and if not do you think I could add the following:
    3 more Zebra Danios
    4 more Cherry barbs
    2 siamese algae eaters (4") if the need arises
  2. goplecos

    goplecosWell Known MemberMember

    I would do:
    10 Zebra Danios
    8 Bronze Corys
    10 Roseline Sharks, or 4 Roselines and 6 Cherry Barbs
    1-2 Vampire Pleco, or 2 BN Plecos, or 2 Clown Plecos

    Roselines are super active and with so many you should have less fish in their swimming space. Danios are fine because they are usually up top and Corys are fine because they are on the bottom.

    Is the the vampire pleco your first pleco? If so then I would not recommend it. They are not as hardy as other plecos and are much more expensive. I do not know enough about them to say if you can have 1 or 2 though. A small BN like an Albino or Lemondrop (just make sure you don't get a Common BN as they can reach 8 inches), or a Clown Pleco is much cheaper and hardier.
  3. OP

    sylviepldValued MemberMember

    The reasons I chose the vampire pleco are that it is the right size and the temperature requirements match my setup. They are also the only ones besides the bristlenose, clown or common that my pet store sells. I really wanted a tiger pleco but the temperature isn't right. I already have a clown in my 45 gallon and the BN will get too big. Everything I have read says that plecos are best on their own because they are territorial (unless you have a really big tank with lots of hiding spots). I didn't realize the vampires are harder to care for.
    I was also wondering why so many corys? I thought 5 was a big enough group. As for the Roseline Sharks they are to be my centrepiece fish so I really want 10 of them. I probably shouldn't have gotten the Cherry Barbs to start my tank but I didn't what else to get that I might want to keep after cycling my tank. I guess I could give the away. Thanks for your detailed feedback.:)
  4. vikingkirken

    vikingkirkenWell Known MemberMember

    Rubberlip plecos are fairly easy to find, inexpensive, and would work in your temp range.

    Since you're not having large centerpiece fish, I think you're fine with three mid-dwelling schools. I'd probably stick with your original numbers, though.
  5. goplecos

    goplecosWell Known MemberMember

    All BNs getting large is a myth. While Common BNs can reach 8 inches most BN like Albinos have been bred for color, fins, etc, not for size so as a result have shrunk at least 2 inches, and 6 inches is huge. If you've kept Plecos in the past than a Vampire would be fine, it just wouldn't be worth it for a beginner.

    If you don't want to rehome the barbs than you could stick with the original numbers. It's just that the barbs could be unhappy with the sharks, since the barbs are a little bigger and and don't move as fast so the sharks might pick on them.

    If you stick with the original numbers I would up the corys to 6. While 3 is the minimum, 6+ is much better and you have just enough rome with the original numbers.

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