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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by nippybetta, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. nippybetta

    nippybettaWell Known MemberMember

    I'm probably going to be getting a 75g tank tomorrow, and I want some idea of what to pout in it. I'll be moving a few guppies first to get things stable, and one of my bacteria colonies. After it's all ready, here's sort of what I'm thinking:

    6 angels
    2 blue rams
    2 gold rams
    6 golden neon tetras (in QT)
    6-10 harlequin rasboras
    1-2 LF albino BN plecos (I have one, he eats all the algae in my 40g, but I'd love to breed them)
    Maybe a few guppies
    Maybe my DG
    4-6 hatchetfish

    What do you think? Am I overdoing it? Will the plecos fight over the algae? Are the harlequins going to be dinner for the angels? The 3 I have have about silver dollar size bodies, not including the fins.
  2. jerilovesfrogs

    jerilovesfrogsFishlore VIPMember

    I think thats a bit much....i'd just one angel. and maybe just focus on two species of schooling fish....and do about 12 of each.

  3. josh7Well Known MemberMember

    I would suggest to start with 6 juvie angels and once 2 pair rehome the other 4. I would also do only 1 pair of rams I would start with 3 German blues and once 2 pair rehome the other one. I would up the neon tetras to 10. I would do 10 harlequin rasboras. I think you could do 2 plecos and hatchetfish if you don't get 6 angels. Also I wouldn't add a dg or guppies to this mix as the dwarf and angels will fight and guppies will become a snack.

    As for the plecos fighting just make sure to drop in 2 algae wafers at night so they each have 1 and you should be

    For a final stocking I would do

    2 angels
    2 german blue rams
    10 gold neon tetras
    10 harlequin rasbora
    2 bristlenose plecos
    8 hatchetfish.

  4. e_watson09

    e_watson09Well Known MemberMember

    I think in this size tank you should be fine to have two pairs of rams and the two angels. Just make sure you have plenty of caves and such. I would also pass on the guppies and the DG. If you want a gourami I'd get a 3 spot or something in that size tank. Maybe an opaline? Those are my favoirtes!
  5. Jaysee

    JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    Good advice. I would add loaches for the bottom, or corys. As for food, the larger (and thus fewer) the pieces, the more aggression you get. If you were to break up the wafers into several pieces, then the fish will be more concerned about eating the food than protecting it.
  6. josh7Well Known MemberMember

    I didn't think about bottom feeders how about

    2 angels
    2 German blue rams
    10 gold neon tetras
    10 harlequin rasbora
    2 bristlenose plecos
    6 zebra loaches or 8 corys
    8 hatchetfish.
  7. OP

    nippybettaWell Known MemberMember

    Won't the plecos do a pretty good job themselves? Also, I already have 3 angels in my 40g, and I need at least one more to stop the males from squabbling. Could I get rid of the harlequins? My DG ignores the angels, I don't see why people say it's 'forbidden'.
  8. fighter55Valued MemberMember

    Just because the DG ignores the Angels, it may not ignore 2 pairs of spawning Rams. When the Rams start spawning(as well as the angels) they are each going to set up a "territory" and they will chase away and possibly injure any fish that enter it. I agree with e_watson. If you really want a gourami, I'd get a three spot or an opaline gourami,but fighting may still occur.
  9. Lexi03Well Known MemberMember

    Here is the stock list for my 75gal maybe it could give you some ideas?

    2 angels
    2 bolivian rams
    8 harlequin rasboras
    8 kerri tetras
    5 platies
    7 panda cories
    3 amano shrimp
    1 zebra nerite
    1 horned nirite
  10. Jaysee

    JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    No, I don;t consider plecos to be bottom dwellers. Mine are rarely on the substrate if they aren't eating pellets.

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