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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Tropical Aquatics, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. Tropical Aquatics

    Tropical AquaticsValued MemberMember

    Hey guys, I just need help and suggestions on stocking my tank, Ill also post a few photos along with another question... So, here are the things I know. I really like albino cories and kuhli loaches, so would I be able to incorporate them together into my tank somehow? Also, I want something rather different then the typical angel stocking, since I see its pretty common to have angels as the main piece, a small school of fish, another nice pop out fish such as a gourami or rams, then the bottom feeders. Id rather not have that, and actually have a nice tropical community. So far, I want the cories and loaches... The other fish id like are cardinal tetras, or neon tetras... I heard that cardinals are more hardy, if so then those... But I would like those as the main centerpiece in the tank, I think it would be really cool to see them all in there. At the same time though, I dont just want the tetras.. So, if anyone could suggest any other fish I can keep or a different/recommended stocking for my tank that would be nice. Again, my tank is 60 gallons. One last question... Im going to post my tank and I just need some opinions and suggestions. Does it look alright? I guess you can call it "scaping", but I am fairly new so I am not the greatest. I also wanted to know what would look good in the empty area in the middle. Thanks everyone :)

  2. :) fatcatfish (:

    :) fatcatfish (:Well Known MemberMember

    A large twisty root in the back and toward the centre with some foreground carpeting plants growing around it and maybe some Anubias attached would look nice and provide a bit more shade, in my opinion anyway. I would also leave a small space at the front so that the cories can do a bit of foraging around. All in all though what you have so far looks really nice! :)

    As for another species with the tetras, perhaps a group of glass catfish?
  3. Graphix

    GraphixWell Known MemberMember

    You might be able to go for a pair of Apistogramma cichlids, though you'd want to provide more cover, plants and rocks if possible. They're very nice looking fish and fairly unique compared to the usual angelfish/gourami
  4. OP
    Tropical Aquatics

    Tropical AquaticsValued MemberMember

    I do like the idea of glass catfish, they need shade correct? How hardy are they? Need to start researching! I was going to add anubias, but the LFS that I go to didn't have such a great piece, so I need to keep looking. What type of ground plant can I use, and how would I give it that appearance? Any beginner type plant would be good, that doesn't require crazy lights or CO2. So I will add more shade eventually, and spread the amazon swords throughout the back...
  5. OP
    Tropical Aquatics

    Tropical AquaticsValued MemberMember

    I will be adding more cover, dont know how much yet... Can you give a general outline on basics of the cichlid? Just very brief, doesn't have to be much. I am most likely going to add two large anubias, don't know where though as well as a low ground plant that carpets a lot of the tank. I would say I am fairly new to keeping fish, this is only my second tank but I have kept fish that people struggle with such as galaxy rasbora and oto cafish, which are in my very first tank. So, I may be able to keep those if they aren't extremely difficult.
  6. OP
    Tropical Aquatics

    Tropical AquaticsValued MemberMember

    What I may do is get spider driftwood, and somehow make it stand in the middle, being attached somehow to the floor by either a rock or something. Then, I would put moss on the areas where the wood branches out making a tree like appearance. I only have java moss, which I can upload a photo of later. I am growing it in a small tank as well so I may be able to use it for this tank somehow.
  7. tyguy7760

    tyguy7760Fishlore VIPMember

    Here is what I'd do

    10 kuhli loaches
    6 albino cory
    15 cardinal tetras
    12 harlequin rasbora
    1 festivum
    6 or 8 glass cats
  8. Graphix

    GraphixWell Known MemberMember

    For apistos there are several types, and I've never owned any I've just done a ton of research because I wanted them before.

    They're South American Dwarf cichlids, they usually pair off male/female and may breed in the tank. At which point they will get somewhat aggressive, chasing off anything that gets too close. They are quite small though, reaching 3.5" depending on the type.

    I believe in a 60 they will have ample room and their aggressiveness won't be too much of an issue, look them up and you'll find some types are extremely colourful and very vibrant, with nice patterns and long fins. All of that with the great personality of cichlids makes them a very attractive choice, I think if you do your research and consult with others who have kept them, you should be fine even as a beginner.

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