Stocking 55 Gallon South/Central American Cichlid Tank

  1. Brycelauck Initiate Member

    Hello I have my 55 gallon fish tank cycling right now. I am wanting to get a community tank of South/Central American Cichlids. I need help on deciding what fish to stock and how many of each kind?

    I was thinking of maybe
    -blood parrots

    Please help!!
  2. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    So I wouldn't do all of those in a 55 gal, but you have a few options:

    Option 1:
    2x JD (1 M, 1 F)

    Option 2:
    2x Convicts (1 M, 1 F)

    Option 3:
    1-2x Blood parrots
    6-10x Individuals of one Corydoras species
    8-10x Robust schooling fish (Congo tetra, rainbowfish, etc.)

    Option 4:
    1-2x Angelfish
    6-10x Individuals of one warm water Corydoras species
    8-12x Individuals of one warm water schooling species (glowlight tetra, cherry rasbora, gold tetra, etc.)
    8-12x Individuals of one warm water schooling species
    2x Keyhole cichlids

  3. Brycelauck Initiate Member

    So I couldn't do just one of each of those that I listed?
  4. FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    No, as most of those are very aggressive.

  5. Brycelauck Initiate Member

    Is there any combination I can do that is all cichlids with more than 2 in the tank?
  6. FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    If you want any of the fish you mentioned, I would go with one of TexasDomer's suggestions.
    Cichlids tend to be very aggressive fish and don't really tolerate other Cichlids, sometimes not even other fish.
  7. Brycelauck Initiate Member

    What are CoryDora's and wouldn't the red parrots eat the schooling fish?

  8. FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    Fish usually eat what fits in their mouths, notice TexasDomer mentioned larger schooling fish, not smaller
  9. Brycelauck Initiate Member

    Oh ok I see what your saying. Could I do Parrots with Convicts?
  10. FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    Look at TexasDomer's suggestions, you can't put two different aggressive fish together, one will end up dead.

  11. Brycelauck Initiate Member

    So what would be the coolest/prettiest fish tank option for me? I really want cichlids, and I don't want to breed, so could i put more than just 2 convicts or dempseys??
  12. FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    I would just put two JDs. That's it.
  13. Brycelauck Initiate Member

    For the whole 55 gallon? That's kind of a waste of that big of tank
  14. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    The fish get pretty large, though. 2 Dempsey's would more than fill that tank once they're fully grown. The convicts are so aggressive when they breed that they'd kill anything in sight. If you want a fuller tank, you'll want smaller, more peaceful options. Like the angel tank.
    I know a 55 seems really large but the lack of depth can definitely be limiting. Your biggest issue is that the cichlids you want aren't really compatible.
    One of my dream tanks is a Dempsey tank, but two regular Dempsey's in a 55 is a little tight in my opinion. I'd get smaller ones like the electric blue or get a 75 for them. That's merely my personal opinion though.
  15. Brycelauck Initiate Member

    I thought that you were supposed to overstock Cichlid tanks to reduce aggression because of the territories?
  16. superbutterfly12 Well Known Member Member

    I agree. That's why I won't be getting jds even though they are so pretty. Personally I would do option 4 above or look into peacock cichlids they are a bit less aggressive.
  17. Brycelauck Initiate Member

    Do you guys think it would be possible to do this?
    1 parrot
    2 angelfish
    3 rams

    They do not have peacocks at my local store, for south and Central American Cichlids my options are limited to parrots, dempseys, convicts, oscars, Rams, and angelfish. However they have a lot more options with African cichlids, do you guys know anything about them and if you can put a lot of them together? They might be a better option for me since I want a lot.
  18. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Peacocks are African cichlids. African cichlids are the ones you overstock.

    Can you list what species are available to you at your LFS? LeoDiaz can help with stocking after that.
  19. Brycelauck Initiate Member

    Well I'm not sure exactly what all they have but I'm pretty sure they have a lot of the most known ones, I know for sure they have
    Electric yellow
    And I'm pretty sure they have peacocks ( the reason I said they didn't is because I thought he was talking about South American)
    I'm sure they have a lot more I just can't remember all of them, if you guys could name possible stocking options that would be great.
    By the way thank you guys for all of your help!
  20. LeoDiaz Fishlore VIP Member

    If you want peacock I would do 10male peacocks avoiding Ob peacocks and jakes they are more agressive. Get 10 different peacocks and your set. Or you can do a single species breeding groups of one type of peacocks.

    All those species none are peacocks btw.

    And IMO JD shouldn't be kept in anything smaller then 75g.. Like said above.