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I have about a 50 litre tank. At the moment I have 1 betta, 3 khuli loaches, 1 pygmy cory (he was alone in the tank at the store for 6 months). I want to add 5 more pygmy Cory's, 6 celestial pearl danios and maybe some shrimp. I'm not sure if the tank will be overstocked or how many shrimp I can keep. Any advice will be helpful!


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First, I would see about rehoming the kuhli loaches. They really shouldn't be kept in tanks with a footprint smaller than 24x12x16 and in groups under 6.
Monitor the shrimp. Depending on the type, your betta may see them as food. Amano are generally safe with them. If you have a more mellow betta, other shrimp such as neocaridina and caridina would probably work.
You may be slightly overstocked if you add 11 more fish to such a small volume of water. Maybe only do 5 more corys and CPDs just to be safe.

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