Stocking 5 or 10 Gallon Tank

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    pandaowl New Member Member

    What fish and how many could I put in a 5 gallon tank? What about a 10 gallon? I would like to put some ghost shrimp in it, so I do not want any fish that would certainly eat them. I was thinking of putting some white cloud minnows in it. How many could I put in either tank? Do they get along with ghost shrimp?

    Please do not suggest betta fish.
    Thank you! c:
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    Etude New Member Member

    For 5 gallon, you could get some 'nano' fish. Here are some examples:
    chilli rasbora
    scarlet badis - not sure if they eat ghost shrimp or not
    pygmy sunfish
    jelly bean tetra
    neon tetra
    least killifish

    For 10 gallon, you could get:
    honey gourami
    sparkling gourami - might eat shrimp
    chocolate gourami
    liquorice gourami
    dwarf gourami
    otocinclus vitattus/affinis
    sterbai corydora
    panda corydora
    pygmy corydora
    dwarf corydora
    lampeye killifish
    clown killifish
    mini moth catfish
    baby whale fish

    I suggest go with a 10 gallon as there is much more choice, it's easier to maintain and the fish will thank you for it.
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    bowen747x Valued Member Member

    I would go with the 10 gallon as price wise its not much different and cleaning a smaller tank can be more work then a bigger tank. I had a 10 gallon tank and found the water evaporated pretty quickly compared to my 55 gallon, I am not an expert fish keeper but I definitely do not see myself going back down to a smaller tank for the fact that the more water you have the better your maintenance will be. I really commend people who keep small tanks

    as for stocking, well a 5 gallon wont beable to hold many fish. if you want ghost shrimp I personally would say go for a single betta with 4-5 ghost shrimp and that would be perfect for a 10g. I think bettas are ok with shrimp but if not hopefully somebody will correct me.