Stocking 5 gallon nano

  1. R

    ReCause5764 Valued Member Member

    I'm picking up and fluval evo 5 and was wondering if y'all had any ideas of what would work well with it. This tank will be in my 7yo room
  2. Airth

    Airth Valued Member Member

    The first thing I'd do is read up on the Nitrogen cycle if you haven't already.

    Also pick up a heater, filter, some water conditioner that'll remove chlorine, the API master test kit (semi expensive but will save you $ in the long run), d├ęcor (preferably live or silk; plastic can tear fins), and substrate.

    Your options are pretty limited with a 5 gallon. I'd really only put shrimp, a snail, and a betta in a tank that size. And that may be pushing it on swimming space.

    Alternatively you could do one or two African dwarf frogs (be careful that you're not being mistakenly sold an African clawed frog if you go that route).
  3. j

    jpm995 Well Known Member Member

    I would be careful putting a tank in a kids room. If he tips it over he can get hurt. I think a betta is one of the few fish that can florish in a tank that small.
  4. OP

    ReCause5764 Valued Member Member

    Lol yes I know I need to cycle the tank. And actually I didn't mention it's a nano reef. So saltwater fish. My son is old enough to know not to knock over the tank and either way the stand will be attached to the wall.

    So to clarify I'm looking for saltwater stock ideas. Corals, fish, and inverts.