Stocking 46 Gallon Question

  1. wolf1021 Member Member

    So when my new 46-gallon tank finishes my ideal setup is 7 tiger barbs 1 rainbow shark and 3 loaches and 3 or more ghost shrimp for a cleanup crew would this work?
  2. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    The tiger barbs may, but I’d suggest around 10 so the aggression is spread out, the rainbow shark wouldn’t as it needs a 55 minimum. What type of loach?

  3. wolf1021 Member Member

  4. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    You could do a shoal of kuhlis, although I wouldn’t recommend horsefaces because the temp compatibility is a bit off.

  5. Nataku Well Known Member Member

    If Kuhli loaches you need at least six. I would recommend more like 12-15. And make sure they have hiding places (ie plant your tank).
    Ghost shrimp will not work with tiger barbs. Tiger barbs will eat them. My tiger barbs think ghost shrimp are a great snack whenever I put extras that breed in one of my other tanks in there.

    Also in that size tank I'd go with 10-14 tiger barbs considering your stocking list. They will love having company and with no one else to compete for space in the upper parts of the tank you have plenty of room for them.
  6. wolf1021 Member Member

    k thanks is there other fish that might work with the barbs and loaches hopefully colorful I have one live plant getting more in a week or so
  7. Nataku Well Known Member Member

    Any decent sized tetra should work with them. Some folks recommend serpae tetras as they, along with tiger barbs and rainbow sharks are a classic 'semi agressive tank'.

    Platies or swordtails would also be good options with them. Lots of color options and if you get them a bit bigger than the tiger barbs you shouldn't have any issues with picking.

  8. wolf1021 Member Member

    k would they be active or a bit sluggish I just want to know before getting fish so I know nothing wrong with them thank you
  9. Nataku Well Known Member Member

    Would which fish be active or sluggish? All of those tend to be fairly active species. When looking in a store you want fish that have good color, aren't clamping their fins, don't have any spots on them, are moving around the tank, aren't listing to the side and aren't gasping to breath/leaving their mouth open or flashing/scraping against things.
  10. wolf1021 Member Member

    ok thank you and could I put some tetras in with the barbs? or would they get eaten or terrorized?
    (I was thinking of the glo kind)

  11. wolf1021 Member Member

    and is there any certain plants I should provide for the loaches?
    I have 1 lutea do they like them?
  12. Nataku Well Known Member Member

    Glo tetras are white skirt tetras. Yes they can be house with tiger barbs, which also have glo versions.
    Kuhli like plants which provide them shade and cover. I have found they really love sitting in the stems of my amazon sword. Crypts are also popular with them as well as Java fern. There's really no 'must have' plant with them, just that they need cover to feel safe and come out and explore more. Without hiding spots available to dart back to, they never come out and explore as odd as it sounds. They like knowing the safety of a hiding spot is close by.
  13. wolf1021 Member Member

    k and how many white skirt tetras can I have in the tank? and would any of the plants go through a ¨melt¨ like my crypto is doing to me?
  14. wolf1021 Member Member

    and could I have danios the blue glo form is just stunning GloFishChart_hires2.jpg
  15. AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    The glo-fish blue colors don’t glow under the blue lights. FYI. They are the same color as the lights.

    I wouldn’t do the tiger barbs and the skirt tetras in the same tank. They are very similar and take up the same space in the tank. They are both mid tank dwellers. In fact all of the glo-fish except the shark are mid tank dwellers. So pick a school and stick with that. If you want Tiger barbs, then just do the Glo-Tiger barbs. I would do a school of 8-10. Then you could do a school of top tank dwellers and the loaches for your bottom dwellers.

    For top tank you could do 8-10 cherry barbs or harlequin rasboras.

    10 glo-barbs or glo-tetras
    8-10 cherry barbs or harlequin rasboras
    10-12 Kuhli loaches
    Or 6-8 corydoras

    You could do a centerpiece fish too. Dwarf cichlids or ram would do. Apistogrammas (there are many species) or Bolivian Rams are both options. You could do a m/f pair.
  16. wolf1021 Member Member

    other than cherry barbs and the rasboras is there anything else I could choose for top dwelling
    ( I'm trying to make active and colorful tank with plants)
  17. Nataku Well Known Member Member

    Danios are top dwellers not mid dwellers.
  18. wolf1021 Member Member

    so could they work?