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Yes, my advice is firmly to get real plants. The joy of growing real plants successfully is immense and can (if you choose) be very easy.

I use no fertilisers or CO2 in my 40 gallon pictured here just enough light and I prune my stem plants down to ground level once every two months and watch them grow to the surface again - I've been doing this for 11 years now without tearing my system down).

I'm totally with you on the Single Angel these not only look sensational but are full of character. You could do no better for a centrepiece. My centrepiece is a magnificent male Golden Bristlenose with an astounding set of bristles. I like it that you don't see him all the time, he pops in and out.

I would personally prefer a more colourful and less nippy school like Cardinal Tetra, Rummynose Tetra, Harlequin Rasbora etc.

If you get a small Angel and the fish all grow up together the chances are the fish may coexist peacefully. Put the Angel in last if not together with the school.

I love Corydoras they are little characters I prefer to keep the spotted and albino ones but I saw some Yellow Laser ones which were very colourful. Don't forget you have to make sure these get enough food. Its wrong to assume they "clean up after the other fish and reduce maintenance".
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Thank you for the reply. After doing more research I have learned that angelfish often attack black skirt tetras. I think I am going to do a school of molly's, I especially like the lyretail. If I got different colored Molly's would they still act like a school?

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