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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by donniec, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. donniecNew MemberMember

    Hello forum. This is my first post with the site. I have a 30g tank and until recently had no interest in breeding my 2 female angel fish. They are about a year old and about 3in in diameter (body, not fins) they have both been laying infertile eggs on oppisite ends of the aquarium and their aggression increases and causes some minor spats between the 2 otherwise "friends". Currently I have my albino bristlenose, and my 3inch rapheal catfish in witht the 2 angels. I now wish to add about 4 more angels of about the same size to hopefully find a pair. Once I establish a mating pair I will sell/return the remaining 4 angels. First question is what kind of trouble would one expect to run into with 6 maturing angelfish and a possible mating pair? Second question is would I be able to house a mated pair of angels, my bristlenose, my raphael catfish, 3-4 corydoras, and small school of fast swimming tetra? Would the bilogical load be too great? I have a few live plants and I'm running a marineland biwheel filter rated for a min of 30gals and max of 50gals? I also have driftwood to help with the softness. All my levels are fine and fish are perfectly healty and active. (Besides the raphael who only comes out to feed at night haha). I've been doing a 20% water change every Sunday since I've had the tank running. I plan on putting the raphael in my 125gal once I'm sure my other catfish won't be able to eat him. I don't really care if the eggs make it to fry or not. But I would like to to watch them mate and hopefull reduce agression between the 2 angels. Thanks for any help and advice!
  2. GordinianWell Known MemberMember

    I can't answer many of your questions, but just wanted to say, welcome to fishlore!

    20% water changes every week are pretty good, but I would up it to at least 25% :) If you do plan on putting all those angels in there to try to find a pair, prepare to do even more water changes.
  3. ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    Welcome to fishlore!!!

    I think your final stock would be fine :) The aggression will get worse with a pairing, especially with 6 in a 30g. That size tank might cause more stress for them all instead of the pairing up. How about try adding just 2 more?

    Your current two girls might not tolerate any new angels, so re arranging the deco when adding the new ones, could help that.

    Im not sure about adding a schooling fish as the angels will be aggressive. But I did raise mine with neons, and they did the chasing, but never harmed them. Thats just a chance you take.
  4. donniecNew MemberMember

    My only other concern is if the raphael catfish will try and eat the corys? I'm thinking he will not. Although I havnt had a straight answer to this
  5. ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    Raphaels are shy and you wont see them much. Usually at feeding time (if its not too bright in the tank)They arent usually aggressive fish.
  6. saqibWell Known MemberMember

    30g might be a little risky, i myself did the same with housing 6 juveniles in a 30gallon, by the time they were 1 year old two had paired up and causing a havoc for the remaining two. one of them died unfortunately (probably due to stress) but i had enough time to save the rest, i took the one and gave it to a friend and then separated the pairs, one housed in the 55 gallons with blood parrots as their neighbors and the other one being kings of the 30 gallon in which they grew up.

    parrots and angels are really great together, some may differ though.

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