Stocking 20G tank with Corys or Neons

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by scrapin240, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. scrapin240

    scrapin240New MemberMember

    Hi All!

    I currently have a BN Pleco, 9 Neon Tetras.

    I was thinking about either 11 more neon tetras and maybe some Corys, or some variation of that. With the Neons the space seems so big, so that's why I wanted a bigger school.

    Any other ideas appreciated.

  2. alink

    alinkWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome to Fishlore!

    What is the length of the tank? That will help determine what you can stock in it.
  3. OP

    scrapin240New MemberMember's a 20 high
  4. alink

    alinkWell Known MemberMember

    Okay then unfortunately with the pleco in there, you are very close, if not at, your max stocking if you follow the "rules". If you added more neons, it may look better because there are more fish, but the water quality will deteriorate quickly with the pleco. If you removed the pleco, you would have lots of options. I think a pleco in a 20g is something like 75% of the stocking level with just that.

    EDIT: I'm not saying you cant add more, just be prepared to keep up with water changes. And I would say no to cories because the pleco on the bottom layer.
  5. Anders247

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    Agreed with alink.
    How about a peacock gudgeon or a dwarf gourami for a centerpiece fish?
  6. OP

    scrapin240New MemberMember

    Really liking that peacock gudgeon....hmmm....never heard of that type before.

    so it's between that one or a few more tetras, is what I'm thinking right now