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I have a 120 I want to try and keep my fish in as long as I can.

3 bichir. (One is ornate)
1 fire eel
2 angel fish.
1 eb acara

All fish get along great. Just worried about bioload as they get bigger. Do you think that would be overstocked?

If I kept the fire eel and the ornate could I also keep any others and who?

The bichir are not nippers. They ignore the anagels and acara. I want to keep everyone. But just not sure. Maybe I will just watch water conditions as they grow.


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Being a fishkeeper means knowing how to adjust to ever changing situations. As your fish grow you'll recognize what decisions need to be made.
I also have a 120 long tank, its stocked with 25 African Cichlids & 5 big Botia loaches. Every once in a while, I'll trade one in or transfer one into another tank. Always adjustments.
Regarding your present situation, If the Ornate Bichir and the Fire Eel reach their full growth potential, at some point your 120 is going to seem very small. IMO, there's not going to be much room for anything else but your bottom dwellers. By the time your fish max out, you'll probably decide to buy a new 180. Lol.

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