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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by outlaw, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. outlawWell Known MemberMember

    As the subject says, I have some questions about stocking 100+ Gal FW. Was also looking at the 125's although it is not much bigger. I do NOT have the tank or anything other then what is in my aqua info/sig. I am in no rush for answers but figured I would start the research. We wouldn't be doing any of this until we move to a more permanent location and are unsure when that is. Thanks for all the help in the past, present and future!

    1. I read that there are 3 common dimensions for the 100Gal. I cam across the one I believe is 48x24x24 and really liked it and how it looked like a big box. I read these are better for SW and the taller ones (60 long, 18 wide, 21 high
    72 long, 18 wide, 18 high) are better for FW. Is there any reasoning? I would think the shorter is better especially if going with live plants and lighting reaching the bottom.

    2. I found that Barbs, Danios, and most Tetras like to school. What are some others? I like a bunch of the different Tetras and Danios, CoryCats are OK. For the ones that school, I don't want larger ones (over 2-2.5") so that we can get more fish in the tank to populate it. I am fairly picky when it comes to fish.

    3. These are the fish/inverts from the Fishlore page that I like. Would these be good with each other? or certain combos better then others?

    Zebra Danio
    Cherry Barb
    Neon Tetra
    Glowlight Tetra
    Cardinal Tetra
    Bloodfin Tetra
    Black Neon Tetra
    Cory Cat
    Otto Cat
    Red Cherry Shrimp (not sure how well they would do with Cory Cat on bottom)
    Inca Snail (not sure how well they would do with Cory Cat on bottom)

    Indian Glassfish (undyed) but not sure if they would be OK being they are from the other side of the globe and are slightly over my max size.

    4. I am not saying I am going to add all of the fish/inverts posted above and know that there are recommended minimums for schooling but is there a "max"?

    5. Along with this, I would hope to have it planted. I have never had a planted. Would it be best to stick with low/med light plants and avoid the CO2 setups?

    I currently have a CFS 4 Canister filter rated upto 75Gal (from 46Gal.). I would get another one but could use my TetraTec 300 until then. I would break down the 46 to stock the 100Gal minus the Cichlids. They will most likely be traded into my LFS for credit towards the new setup along with the 46Gal (LFS, CS..etc). I have already had the MTS bug but no longer have time for them so only keeping 1 tank. I still have a 10Gal and 20gal from when we had about 100 Cichlid Fry... :D

    Sorry to drag this on, but though it would make sense to put it all in one post since its stocking..

  2. platy benWell Known MemberMember

    I would think you would be ok to keep all of those species in a 100G aslong as you stocked it sensibly,
    everything in the tank likes to be kept in a group so an easy way is to count how many species (10) and divide it by 100 :) So 10 of each species is an option. However I think 10 ottos is a lot so I would lower the ottos down to 5-6 and bump all of your schools up to 11-12 :)
    Also, do not worry too much about the shrimp adding to your bio-load, they hardly make a difference in a tank of your size as they are so tiny, I would advise starting with about 15 and then just let them breed :)
  3. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    Most of that should be ok together. Don't know that I would worry aobut having neons if you are going to have cardinals though. I'm not so sure that the shrimp will work either. Some fully grown shrimp might go ok but any babies will be rapidly eaten. Of course you could just have the few adults & intend for thier young to be eaten. I'd be concerned that the fish might attack female shrimp that are holding though in order to get to thier eggs. Try & see I guess. I would go with 5 or 6 otos & probably add two SAE in as well to take care of any algae problems. For other fish you might like to check out, I'm a big fan of Harlequin Rasboras & of Rummynose Tetras. You could also look at some of the smaller Rainbowfish such as the Spotted Rainbow, McCulloch's Rainbow, Forktailed Rainbow, Australian Blue-Eye or Threadfin Rainbow. The Threadfin could be a problem with the Tetras though as it has long flowing fins that Tetras will probably nip at all the time. There's not really a maximum number of fish that can be kept in a shoal. In the wild Tetras school in thier hundred & thousands so as long as you stick withing the total stocking limit of your tank, then you can have as many of one sort as you like.

    As far as the tanks themselves go there isn't really a whole lot of difference. You can keep plants in any of those size tanks without any great problems & each tank will need very similar if not identical lighting to succesfully grow plants. The biggest difference I would say is the surface area of the tanks. The larger the surface area the more oxygen exchange can take place & thus the more fish you can stock in it. If you want the most number of fish possible for that volume of water then pick the 72x18x18. The next is the 4x2x2ft then the 60x18x21. Wether or not you want to use co2 is totally up to you & what plants you want to grow as well as how intense the light you have is. High light tanks kind of need an extra source of carbon but lower light tanks usually don't. It really depends as I said on what plants you decide you want. Hope that helps you out a bit.
  4. outlawWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks guys. Both very helpful.

    For the shrimp, I wasn't too worried about the bio-load as much as the getting along with the Cory Cats and/or the SAE. I am guessing with the large footprint that the tanks have, this shouldn't be an issue?

    I will have to look up those other fish you suggested Nutter.

    As far as the shrimp breeding I think I would just let nature take its course.

    OK, looked up some of the fishes:
    Harlequin Rasboras
    Rummynose Tetras
    Spotted Rainbow
    Forktailed Rainbow (very interesting looking and I don't think I have ever seen one in our LFS's that I have noticed)
    Australian Blue-Eye (if it is  . It would be the last one on the page)

    McCulloch's and Threadfin Rainbow aren't my cup of tea. The Forktail is borderline but I think it would be a definite eye catcher with the bright yellow contrasting on a black gravel and background.

    Thanks again!

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