Stock 100 Gallon Tank

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    First, I have a question for cycling. I can't find the specific section to ask this question, so I'll ask this along with the rest of this post. Is the size of the tank important with cycling? I am sure it is. Smaller the tank, the less fish to start with. What about 100 gallon? How many fish to start? How many to add and the gap length of add dates?

    I currently have 7 Tiger Barbs (originally Black Skirt tetras planned). Calculating their adult size at a possible 3" each, they come out 21" total.

    I plan to stock 15-20 green GloFish. (Possible adult size 2" each.)

    I plan to stock 9-11 Glowlight tetras. (Possible adult size 2" each.)

    I plan to stock 1 Striped Raphael catfish. (Up to 9" adult size.)

    How many more fish will I be able to add with them? What kind? I'd like suggestions for which fish will go great with them. Something that is different and not so common.

    I have 2 large decorations. One I will replace with another that I really like at PetSmart, which is also large. I also have a real medium size driftwood. I plan to have majority real plants.

    I have 2 Emperor 400 using all of AC70 medias. I plan to add a canister as stock increases.
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    I see in your aquarium info, you have several tanks set up. An easy and safe option would be to add extra filters to some of your existing tanks for a few weeks. After two weeks, pull one of those filters and you should have close to an instant cycle. That will jump start your beneficial bacteria and prevent your fish from having to go through the "hard cycle", which isn't good for them. Then add 5-10 fish every ten days, keeping an eye on your ammonia and nitrite levels to make sure they're 0 before you add more.

    Whatever filter you're currently running on the 100g will pick up that beneficial bacteria from the filter you added from another tank.

    I hope this helps.