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So before i begin i am still learning but this is BY-FAR my best stocking since i've been in the aquarium hobby.
In my planted 20 gallon hex i currently have:
5 x Sparkling gourami
9 x endlers
3 x peppered corys
4 x amano shrimp
unknown number of pond snails.

I know the corys need a larger school, and i know in a hex the footprint may be too small but i was struggling finding a home for the one i had left from my previous tank setup so i bought him a couple of friends for the meantime. I was also hoping it would be easier to rehome 3, however everytime i look in the tank they show no signs of stress and i honestly just really like having them. Anyways, interested to hear what people think of my stocking otherwise and to see what i can do with the tank going forward.
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