still waiting.....

  1. octonaut Member Member

    :;pumpkin Well she's getting bigger and bigger, and the fry were due 8 days ago. much longer and you'll here they pop in America!!!

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  2. Henri Well Known Member Member

    Oh my God that's so HUGE! Have you separated her?

  3. octonaut Member Member

    isn't she just? makes my stomach ache just looking at her! she's been in a tank by herself, with hiding places for her and her fry for over a week now.
  4. Henri Well Known Member Member

    Shell pop really soon, thats for sure. Just be sure not to stress this poor momma, livebearers can hold fry for weeks if they're being stressed.
    Have you thought about the babies? What are you going to do with them?

  5. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    Yey ! Let us know when she pops, fry are so cute! We have 4 batches of guppy fry right now and we are expecting platy fry too.
  6. octonaut Member Member

    Doing our best, we've got a 1m exclusion zone round her tank, keeping lights off etc. Should I cover the tank to eliminate visual distractions? we have lots of hiding places, but she does like sitting looking out....

    Once the fry are here we're taking them to the FS in Aberdeen who will sell them and donate the money to charity.

    Lexi, Can't wait!!
  7. octonaut Member Member

    14 days past due, and still waiting......