Still waiting for a drop

  1. PrairieSunflower Initiate Member

    Still waiting for a drop - Update, babies are coming!!

    I was sure last week we were going to have fry.... but alas, no, still waiting!

    I was trying today to get a picture of those eyes with the silver rings around them... but my camera can clearly not handle a close-up of something that insists on moving all the time! LOL

    Anyway... anyone care to make a guess when these babies will actually arrive?? I can see the eyes... I can see black dots as well as a good 2-3 (depending) sets of eyes with the silver ring around them.... btw I have been able to see black dots for eyes for nearly 2 weeks now!

    She was pregnant when I bought her, and I have had her for 20 days precisely.

    Her gravid spot is clearly HUGE, so huge a few of her scales seem to have gone out of place and you can see them jutting out into her gravid spot. She is very light colored so her gravid spot is very transparent... which is nice as my 3 other females all have black gravid spots and I can't see a thing.

  2. Fall River Member Member

    Gestation for Guppies is generally 30 days. If you do a forum search for "guppy gestation" you'll find much useful info!
  3. PrairieSunflower Initiate Member

    I know, but she already had roundness when I bought her... so I figured she was a good week to two weeks along already at the time... plus 20 days I've had her makes her anywhere from 27 to 34 days along.... so... I've been expecting these babies! LOL
  4. bowcrazy Well Known Member Member

    The normal gestation period is around 28 days for most livebearers but that don’t mean they will drop them when do. They have the ability to hold their fry for quite some time if they have been stressed at all. I would just watch her over the next few weeks because if she got stressed being netted or has been harassed by the other fish in the tank she could just be holding off dropping them until she feels safe.
  5. PrairieSunflower Initiate Member

    I have moved her into the net box as she is my males favorite... hope that helps. She doesn't seem stressed at all in the net box. Also, I am able to move her to the net box without her leaving the water at all which I think must be less stressful. I do a daily purging of baby snails so my fish are very used to seeing the net in the tank and seem to think nothing of it... so was able to just use the net to get her to swim into the net box herself.
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  7. PrairieSunflower Initiate Member


    I took this a bit earlier, I now have 14 rescued, nearly had 15 but that one turned out to be an early lunch for Momma!


    Sunshine is still round so I assume more will still come at some point!
  8. PrairieSunflower Initiate Member

    So sweet and tiny! My best attempt at a close-up.

  9. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning,

    Congrats on the long awaited fry! Best wishes for many survivors!

  10. PrairieSunflower Initiate Member

    Thanks! Its been the ultimate excitement in our home today, kids were cheering and everything!

    Our count seems to have frozen at 17 babies rescued and two we saw get eaten. No more have been born in well over an hour... but Sunshine isn't tiny yet so I think there could still be more at some point.
  11. bowcrazy Well Known Member Member

    Congrats with the arrival of the new fry. Be sure to feed them several times a day and do daily water changes to keep the water clean.
  12. PrairieSunflower Initiate Member

    They are in the main tank in a mesh box at the moment. We are up to 23 babies now and I'm STILL not sure Mommy has gone skinny! Two of those were in her tank this morning so who knows if more were born and eaten, she seems to be happy to eat any near her!
  13. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    Congratulations, I hope there are a lot of survivors!!
  14. PrairieSunflower Initiate Member

    What is the survival rate for fry? Should I be expecting it to be likely a certain percentage will die over the coming weeks?
  15. bowcrazy Well Known Member Member

    Guppies have a pretty good survival rate. Just feed them several times a day and keep the water clean and they should grow quickly.