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Hi, I posted a thread about this a while back, and received quite a few responses I seriously considered for a while, but with deeper research discarded. I am looking for bottom feeders for a 36x15x20 tank (50 gal,) and I just found out about rope fish! I'm fine with spot feeding, I've done it before, and I really think they're super cool fish. I would house them at 80°F with two blood parrots (pretty small right now, which is why I'm still okay with introducing another fish) and get 2-3 of them since I heard they like company.

My main issue is feeding, I really want to try to breed live brine shrimp and tubiflex worms, maybe blackworms, but first I'd need to get the resources to house them long-term for a continuous supply, and also find a way to feed them without getting live worms everywhere. I would get the hang of caring for them before I'd get the fish, to make sure they'll have food that they'd eat. How do you ween to frozen? I've never done it before, but I'm willing to try or offer live food if necessary.

I'm planning on a fluval canister filter with live plants, large grain sand, and driftwood in the tank with them. I also am planning on talking with a fish store to make sure if something bad happens and they fight, I have a place to take them.

Would that be a suitable setup? Nothing is concrete yet except the tank dimensions and the blood parrots going with them, as I already have had those fish for a year and am moving them to a better setup.


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Seems alright. I found a video of someone feeding their's chopped up earthworms.
I myself would love to have some of these one day! Their so cool!

Here's the video if you would like to see it:

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