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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by KingsPoint05, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. KingsPoint05

    KingsPoint05New MemberMember

    Hello Again...I posted in Mid-December about my struggles in fish keeping. As you may have figured from the title they continue.

    I've update my aquarium profile but to save you some time, I'll include some specs here.

    10 Gallon Tank (Dimensions: 20Lx10Hx10W)
    Filter:   30 Filter
    Light: Current Satellite Freshwater  +
    Heater:   Neo-Thermal 50W (Not in Use)

      (RIP) - Looked good for a month or so and then the leaves started turned translucent in waves. Removed from Tank. 12/15/17
      (RIP) - Would never have more than three - four leaves at a time and I didn't like the look. Removed from Tank. 12/15/17
    Anubis Barteri - Healthy and attached to a piece of wood.
    Vallisneria Spiralis Italian - I can't tell. Its shooting out side sprouts but some strands seem to be deteriorating.
    Two pieces of  
     : Sachem    .

    3 Tetra  
    3 Platy Mix (They poop a ton)
    1 Rubberlipped Pleco (RIP - Mid Oct 2017)
    1 Paleatus Cory Cat (RIP - Early Nov 2017)
    1 Bushynose Pleco
    1 Paleatus Cory Cat

    Started Tank 7/10/17
    Put fish in tank 7/29/17 (Tetras, Pleco, and Cory Cat)
    Added Platy 8/5/17
    1st Pleco died mid Oct 2017
    1st Cory Cat died early Nov 2017

    Water Test as of Today
    PH: 6.0, Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate 10 - 20ppm, Phosphate: 5-10ppm

    Since my last post I have dramatically increased water changes using my tap water. About 3-4 gallons once every 4-5 days (30-40%).
    Tap Water Info:  
    I also tested the Phosphate today and got 0.5ppm.

    Even with all of this, I found my Cory Cat upside on Christmas Eve breathing rapidly. I did 40% water changes on back to back days and then another one on New Years and he seems to be better. I've contacted the local fish store and they will take donations. Short of getting a bigger tank which isn't an option right now, I'm 95% sure I have to tank the walk of shame and donate all my fish and start over. The Phosphate from all the fish is just too much to keep up with. Am I right?

    If I do start over...
    I'm considering Neon Tetras, Red Cherry Shrimp, Guppies, and a Nerite snail. From the stocking posts I've read these are the fish that I thought could work. Anyone sees any glaring issues with this mix in a 10 Gallon Planted tank? How many of each species? In what order would you introduce them to the tank?

    Also if I do pull the plug and donate my current fish, what will I need to do to the tank before introducing the new fish?

    Is donating them as simple as putting them in a ziplock bag and bringing them in?

    I know I've asked a lot. I truly trying to learn and improve. All help and advice is really appreciated.
  2. shiv234

    shiv234Well Known MemberMember

  3. devin s.

    devin s.Valued MemberMember

    I would say re-home the fish and essentially restart your tank. As others have said, you need a much larger tank to home them. Maybe consider a female betta and some guppies? Only female though as the guppies are less likely to attack her than a male with long fins. My younger brother has 6.5 gallon and with 1 female and 3 guppies, his tank is really healthy. People say 1'' fish = 1 gallon, but I would say you max out at around 6 small fish!! Adding the plants is good, I've heard having too many in a small tank though can increase waste though. Like I said earlier I would Just re home them all and restart with sturdier fish.

  4. Fashooga

    FashoogaFishlore VIPMember

    You don't need to donate your fish. You should put them in a bucket and take them to a LFS and ask if you can get credit as you are restarting. This might help mitigate some of the cost of buying new fish.

    Neons might not work in a 10g tank. I would look at that pH as well. Some fish don't react well to a pH of 6.0 and some do well in it. If you plan on keeping a tank with a 6.0 pH you should look for fish that can withstand that kind of pH.

    It's possible your fish died when it dipped below that 6.0 pH. Ideally you want pH to neutral of 7.0.
  5. tokiodreamy

    tokiodreamyWell Known MemberMember

    I personally would start over. I commented on your last post on the stocking issues with your tank.

    Have you tested your tap as well?

    Since you cannot upgrade your tank, I would suggest either a betta with some nerite snails or maybe some smaller fish. There's a 10g stocking list on here search for it. I'm on my phone and unable to link.

    Also, any LFS will give you bags to put the fish in. Just make sure you double bag and leave 2/3 filled with air.

    Keep the media from the filter wet and do a 90% water change if all fish are taken out. Then add new fish. If there's a gap of days inbetween you'll need to feed the BB with liquid ammonia

  6. OP

    KingsPoint05New MemberMember

    I posted a link to the water report for my county/city and I personally tested the Phosphate Level today. It was 0.5ppm.

    I've looked at the stocking list for 10 Gallons.
    I like the neon tetras, guppies, or a beta. Just trying to figure out how many and if I can do RCS or Nerite Snails with them.

    Also I just tested PH for my tap water and got 7.2 but my tank is saying 6.0

    Would you throw a snail in there or any shrimp? Any particular order in which you would add those fish to the tank? Beta then guppies, vice versa, or all at the same time?

    Yeah I was surprised the pH for the tank was that low. I just tested my tap water which I've been using for water changes for the last two weeks and its 7.2 pre water conditioner
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  7. SegiDream

    SegiDreamWell Known MemberMember

    I wouldnt get neons, they dont do well in new tanks or small tanks which would only allow them a small school, let alone all the other inhabitants you want to keep. Betta and neons have a large temperature range difference. Also, if you want a community tank with several fish a betta might not be the best choice.

    Male guppies and nerites maybe. Dont know how well guppies get along with shrimp....
  8. GibbyMcGibz

    GibbyMcGibzValued MemberMember

    No advice as I am a beginner also. Just wanted to wish you luck ;)
  9. OP

    KingsPoint05New MemberMember

    At this point I'm truly not married to anything. I'd take some pretty guppies, a sweet snail, and a healthy tank and be happy!

    The one thing I do know is no more Platys. I swear they poop as much as my Great Dane does.
  10. tokiodreamy

    tokiodreamyWell Known MemberMember

    I have a betta with a nerite in a 5.5g. You can easily get several nerites and shrimp if your bettas temperment allows for it. I personally added the nerite after but my betta was more of a rescue impulse rather than a planned one.

    Like previously stated, neons really need a 20g long for school size. Plus theyre extremely sensitive and more prone to disease due to imbreeding and over breeding. Also neons and bettas don't mix. I've never kept guppies. I've always liked the look of celestial pearl danios. I believe they're 10g fish.
  11. SegiDream

    SegiDreamWell Known MemberMember

    Cpd are 10g fish and I can say from experience they get along very well with red cherry shrimp. Mine didnt even bother shrimplets.
  12. OP

    KingsPoint05New MemberMember

    How many CPDs do you have in your 10 gal? How many RCS?
  13. SegiDream

    SegiDreamWell Known MemberMember

    I currently only have five. Tank is kept at 75 degrees. According to the stock list you can have up to 12 cpd in a 10. Rcs bioload isn't very much but I would aim for like 10cpd or less if you're going to do rcs and nerites. And I would recommend that you stock slowly.
  14. tokiodreamy

    tokiodreamyWell Known MemberMember

    I would wait a few months to add the shrimp. They do better in established older tanks.
    Look into bacterAE for shrimp. It's on Amazon or
    I got the smaller size and it has lasted me about a year.
  15. bitseriously

    bitseriouslyWell Known MemberMember

    Have you checked the phosphates in your tapwater (not clear from your posts)? I did scan your linked report and didn't see it mentioned, but maybe missed something?
    I have off the chart phosphates in my tap water just outside of Toronto (at least I did the last time I liquid-tested it a month or so ago). I'm using phosguard in filter and half RO for WC's. Water quality issues are better now, for me.
  16. OP

    KingsPoint05New MemberMember

    Yes I tested the tap water two days ago and it showed 0.5ppm, but my tank is at 5-10ppm

    I just got off the phone with the LFS. I spoke with the guy before and he seems very knowledgable. I was looking to try and get store credit or at least how they prefer donated fish to come. He asked a bunch of questions about the tank. He said that the 8 fish I have should be fine in the 10 gal tank. He blamed my high Phosphates on the tap water again. This is basically what he told me the first time I came into the store. Then he gave me some Phosphate filter media pads, which I've been using. But my phosphate levels have stayed high. He also said the high phosphate level had nothing to do with the BioLoad from the fish in the tank. All the websites I've read point to overcrowding, overfeeding, and tap water as the sources for high phosphates. I don't think he's trying to sell my water since donating fish and restocking would be a more lucrative option to him. I'm really confused right now.
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  17. MommaLake

    MommaLakeWell Known MemberMember

    Just my two cents...

    All on the same day;
    I'd put your filter media in a bucket of tank water. Then empty the tank water and return the fish. I'd get either a few guppies or a small (6) school of tiny fish like White Cloud Mountain minnows or cpd etc.

    Then reset your tank. Use prime water conditioner or equivalent. Put your fish in and reset up your filters with the same old media. Use stability bacteria supplement, following the directions. Then leave it alone.

    Water change 1-2 times a week using the prime and stability. Test ammonia, nitrite and nitrate once a week. When it's stable then go to once a week water changes.

    Anubias and moss balls are great and easy. I'd not worry about any other plants until the tank is stable so your not constantly messing with the tank and stressing the fish out.

    Good luck. It's hard in the beginning and we all have different methods but hang in there and find your way. In the beginning it's good to keep it simple. Don't over clean your filters and decor. Just water changes.
  18. Galathiel

    GalathielWell Known MemberMember

    I have a 10 gallon. Looking at the stock you have/had, I actually only had 3 platies in my tank and a nerite. That's it. If you are going to stock to the tank's limit, you will need to do much larger water changes.
  19. OP

    KingsPoint05New MemberMember

    Any difference between Prime Water Conditioner and API Tap Water Conditioner?
  20. tokiodreamy

    tokiodreamyWell Known MemberMember

    Both will condition water.
    However, seachem prime is the best conditioner on the market that also detoxes 1ppm of ammonia and nitrite for 24hrs. Seachem is also one of the best brands out there. I always trust in their products.

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