Still Pregnant?

  1. Toby96

    Toby96 Initiate Member

    One of my new guppies is/was pregnant, she gave birth to 4 fry about 4 days ago, due to a large move of house she then stopped, she is still very very large and looks very pregnant, I've heard they can have up to 50ish?:;dk
    This is the first breeding I have encountered,
    Thanks everyone,

    Temp: 22 Celsius
    Set up for a couple of months.
    She is in with some neon tetras and one red tail shark (he couldn't have eaten the fry due to them being separated)
    60L Tank (15Gallons)

  2. FishHobbiest

    FishHobbiest Well Known Member Member

    Near Savannah, GA
    From what i have read they can have a huge!! amount of fry, maybe she got stressed and the fry got put off somehow, but i have no experience with breeding exept the computer all i know is from the 10 gallon by which i had 4 male guppies in

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