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okay folks,
I know i've written about this before, but we are still having problems with alege in our tank. It isn't growing on anything, the water is just green. It's so bad right now that we can't see our fish, which is bad, bc we just got some new ones and we need to be keeping an eye on them. Last time I wrote about this, I was told that this is caused by having too much waste in the water and having too much light.
~Our light is on 8 hrs every day, it's on a timer... is this too much?
~The filter seems fine and doesn't seem to be backed up, and we are very careful not to over feed the fish

Has anyone gone through this same problem? our other tank is crystal clear. I don't know what's different about this one, but it's horrible. Any advice? Our pet store said to not do too frequent water changes b/c this could send us back into a minI cycle. Are chemicals for killing alege okay? UGH i'm so confused as to why we are even having this problem.

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There are chemical for killing algae but they can also kill your fish even though they say they won't.
Here is a link that might help with your algae problem
The green water isn't harmful to your fish and I imagine they are enjoying it I know that's no consolation to you because you want to see your fish Sometimes totally blacking(wrap it in dark garbage bags or blankets) out the tank for three or four days then doing a really big water change will help. Don't be afraid to do water changes.
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I just had the same problem. I did a 50% water change and scrubbed my tank. Also butterfly told me that over feeding can contribute to the algae. I would go with the water chenges, and see what happens.

Stacie H.
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I'm having the same problem!  I also used to keep the light on all the time. I know only turn it on when I get home from work (about 5 p.m.).

I recently bought 2 plecos...they are working hard but can't keep up.  I just did a large water change last night (about 50%).  It's still a bit hazy, even after using Accu-Clear.  I hate using that stuff, but sometimes the haziness drives me nuts!

Good luck to you.  I guess I'm going to do another water change in the next couple of days or so... 
Stacie H.
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Sometimes totally blacking(wrap it in dark garbage bags or blankets) out the tank for three or four days then doing a really big water change will help.

I think I'll try this next...
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I myself have had the same problem once. It is as you stated caused by too much light and waste. What I would reccomend to do is cut the light time half. Eight hours is a little too much, and don't worry to much about the food. Do a water change of about 50%, and get some algae killing medicine.
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Butterfly gives really good advice, don't use medications in your tank. Algae is really NOT THAT bad of a problem, it is unsightly, but nothing to medicate over because it can be taken care of with normal methods.

#1 Light - wrap the tank as suggested. Then on a regular basis only light 5 hours at a time. UP to 10 hours a day with 2 hours off in the middle. You have to do several water changes and gravel vacuums after a dark out period as suggested. The reason for this is that there will be a algae die-off, and if you don't get rid of the dead algae, it will feed the next wave of algae growth!

#2 - What is meant by heavy waste, is that EITHER your nitrates are high - over 20, in which case you need to up your water changes.
OR you need to be doing a better job of vacuuming your gravel with your water changes.

What is your nitrate reading? How much water do you change out every week?

Do you have an algae eater of any kind? I'll check your signature, but have you told us about your tank and what you currently have in it?

After we find out about your tank, there may be some more recommendations.
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OK, is the tank you are having problems with your 46 gallon tank? What fish are in there right now? Please test your water, and let us know what the readings are for:

I'll get back with you as soon as you post the readings.
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UV sterilizer will kill it quickly and do water changes. your water is alive with algae
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Try doing 25% water changes daily. Is the tank receiving sunlight? If so, that might be the cause of the algae. Also try testing your tap water or the water you use to fill the tank. It might be carrying lots of nitrates and cause algae explosion. Hope things get better soon! Having a green tank sure is unpleasant!

Oh and also keep an eye out on the filter media. Make sure it is regularly being replaced. Good luck!
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I have been having the same problem, I have moved my tank to a dark area of the home, done water changes, checked filter, tried accu clear, turned light off completely for 2 days and still its not going away, all nitrites, nitrates, ammonia and ph are all fine. I am going to keep doing water changes but think I might change my food. Apparently flake food can contain too many phosphates which cause algae to grow. I will let you know what's worked for me.
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I have no idea why this post came up again. It was about a 30 gallon I had two years ago. look at the dates of the posts. That was my first attempt at a fish tank. I've gotten better at it, and haven't had a case of Green water since. We never did get that tank cleared up though. we eventually broke it down at got a lizard for it.

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