Sticky white dots on driftwood


So ever since I put this Mopani wood in my aquarium a few weeks ago, I have had these white dots all over it. When I tried taking them off they were sticky, like sap kinda. I found one thread on this site from last year about the same stuff and one person said some kind of mold? Another said the same happened to them but it eventually went away. The OP on ths post biloiled their wood and I didn't boil or scub the wood before I put it in, I just kinda dusted it off and plopped it in. Any ideas? I feel like I shouldn't sweat it too much but I would just like to know what exactly it is. I have one betta and a billion bladder snails, they have laid sooo many eggs, I guess they really love the wood lol.



When it comes to mopani, I wouldn’t worry about. I use it. It did so many funny things in the first few months I had never seen before. Beautiful wood when it finally settles down.

I didn’t boil mine either. Soaked it in a tote for a week. Thought I got all the tannins out. Still had steeped tea water for about 6 months with a water change every week and purigen in the filter.

Got the white dots and the white slime I see you are getting too. All normal with mopani. If you rinse it off every couple of days it will stop sliming eventually.
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