Sticky jellyfish

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    I have 3 moon jellies. I bought them and their 2 gallon tank from jellyfishart and have worked hard to keep them alive. We had difficulty getting the tank to cycle. But finally have a cycling tank. They started to shrink and get holes burned in them with the high amonia, and slightly inverted with high nitrites, now that we have good water and bacteria they seem to be very small and sticky. They have returned to a bell shape and no longer have holes but thier bells are so so small and keep getting stuck to the sides of my tank. ( not suctioned thier tentacles are stuck) we thought it might be algae growth so we did a 25% water change and scrubbed the walls but even after they are still stuck. Thoughts? Help? They have made it through the rough water it would be aweful for them to die now.
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    --HELP Jellyfish knowledge Needed!--
    I really can't say. Hopefully if someone else knows about Jellies here. Just boosting your post for you as it has no replies. Good Luck!