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    On the third of this month I got some cories and had a mystery one. If I knew how to put link from other post I would. Thought either sterbai or haraldschultzi. Was leaning towards harald. Haven't been able to trade him in yet as still waiting for LFS to get more. Anyway, since it has grown it's markings are more defined and thinking sterbai now. If is will get more since easier to find than Harald's. What do you all think. Sorry to ask again. He (or she) has such a great personality I wanna keep if can.

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    From wikipedia:

    It is occasionally confused with Corydoras sterbai: the difference is that Corydoras haraldschultzi has a pattern of black dots on a gold background on the head, whereas C. sterbai has a pattern of gold dots on a black background.

    I can't tell which one it is personally, but sure is a nice looking cory. Hope you can keep him, especially if you like his personality!
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    Handsome fish!