Sterbai Cory Eggs Laid Today!

  1. Sarah K

    Sarah K Valued Member Member

    Hey all! So I was watching my female sterbais when I got home today and noticed they were acting kind of weird. I looked around the tank and found 34 eggs plastered all over the glass! This is the third and largest batch of eggs they've laid. I was just looking again and realized there's eggs on some of the decorations. I have both a breeder box and a back up 10g tank I could put the decorations into to try and give the babies a better chance at survival. I did find one baby last time but he disappeared..

    So, could the breeder box work or should they be put into the 10g? I'd love to successfully raise a few cories!

    Thanks for any advice in advanced!

  2. Discus-Tang

    Discus-Tang Well Known Member Member

    Congratulations :)

    10g would be better, with some sand substrate for their barbels.

    Make sure it has a heater and a filter.

    Add malachite green (1/4 dose) to keep the fungus at bay.
  3. OP
    Sarah K

    Sarah K Valued Member Member

    Thank you! Is it best to get them in there before hatching, or should I hatch them into the breeder box then switch them into their own tank? My filter is a HOB, can/should I put nylons over the intake so they don't get sucked up?