Steel stands?

  1. Archie1208

    Archie1208 Valued Member Member

    Where would I look? Stainless steel heavy duty. Any thoughts?

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  2. delta5

    delta5 Well Known Member Member

    Find a supplier of square hollow steel. Not very hard to find. Then I think you want a good tig welder.
  3. T

    Thai Aquarium owner Well Known Member Member

    There are 2 ways to go on this
    1) Use Stainless Steel square section tube of about 1" square, and have a metal shop fabricate and Tig weld for you.
    2) Use the same size CDS steel tube and again get a metal shop to Mig weld it for you, and afterwards possibly think about getting the stand powder coated for protection.
    Which ever way you choose please listen to the guys at the metal shop and adhere to their advice, as they will be experts on the fabrication of such things..