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Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by lynnlou1991, Jun 26, 2016.

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    hello, I hope i am posting this in the correct area… but i purchased two axolotls today from a reptile show near my house. i have a 30 gallon tank set up with a very soft filter going and a few little hide away logs. the temp is about 68 degrees right now.. i had frozen bloodworms for them (that is what was recommended) but upon doing research i see that earth worms are best. can i purchase those from a bait shop? do they need to be chopped up at all? also, i have a cap on my tank but it is not completely sealed there are gaps by the filter and such. should i screen that off? any other information for a beginner is greatly appreciated!
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  3. Kasye

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    Earthworms are indeed the best staple food for them (the bloodworms aren't bad though, variety is always good!)

    You can purchase them from a bait shop!

    Whether or not they need to be chopped depends on the size of your axolotls and the size of the worms. One way to know is to just try feeding them the earthworm. If it's too big, they'll spit it out.
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    How big are your axxies?

    The openings shouldn't be a problem, some jump but as far as I can tell most dont.

    Make sure if you have two in the tank they're getting well fed especially if they are younger. Young axxies tend to be canabalistic and you might get some limbs or gills damaged.

    The care sheet that Coradee linked above will help a lot but never be afraid to ask questions. And of course post pictures of them!

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