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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Toxic_G, Mar 16, 2010.

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    Hello, I want to start a tank myself but I feel I am missing some info. The fish I plan to get are some Cory cats, enough for a school 5-7, and adding some ghost shrip soon after or maybe later add some neon tetras or cherry barbs for the top of the aquarium. First off will a 15 gallon tank be enough for that many cories? Also I want to setup an open sandy bottom tank with few scattered rocks/decor and a cave near the back right corner. What would I need if I wanted a sandy bottom? The reason for a setup like this is I love seeing the fish swim around and with the cories feeding on the bottom it would look quite bliss! :)
    I will be doing water changes every weekend because that's when I clean my dwarf hamsters cages. I mention this because I am wondering about the hardiness of the fish. Being my first fish I would like to see them live and be less stressed, by the way I am going through the nitrogen cycle fishless.
    Would love lots of feedback, haha, Thanks!
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    Well some cories can be bigger then others but you should be fine with 5-7 cories in the tank.

    What test kit are you using to check your tank?

    I would advise using the API master test kit to see when your tank is ready.
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    welcome to fishlore!!!!!!!:;hi2
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    Welcome to Fishlore :;hi2 and congratulations for the fishless cycle. Sorry can help with your stocking ? I don't know much about Cories. Also for future reference it may be helpful if you complete your aquarium info. This makes it easier for others to trouble shot any of your further questions.
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    Hello and welcome! :;hi1

    You're planning on putting cherry barbs into the 15 gallon? I have 5 cherries. First, I had them in a 20 gallon with a community, and they were miserable. They fought all the time, very aggressive to the other species. So, I moved them to my 30 and they have turned into a very peaceful and happy little bunch. They still chase each other sometimes, but it's nothing like the behavior I saw before. I think cherries simply prefer more room. They're stocky fish even they're considered somewhat small.
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    What kind of cories do you plan to get? The bronze ones are a good beginner cory, they are quite hardy. In a 15gallon tank I would put in 4-6 of them. (for me, 4 would be better, I think that understocked provides a better environment for them) For a school of neons, you would need at least 6, and that would be pushing the limits of your tank, IMO. What about 4 cories and 2 female platies? The platy is a wonderful little fish, swims all over the tank and comes in some great colours.
    Wait until your tank is done it's cycle, then I would introduce just 2 cories, after 2 weeks, introduce 2 more.
    Let another 2 weeks pass and introduce a platy. (or whatever you decide on) By slowly stocking your tank the bacteria has a chance to catch up to the bioload of your fish. Keep an eye on your parameters while you do this (do you have a good liquid test kit? API is the best) This way you can be prepared to so water changes if needed. Using Prime will make the water safe for your fish and still allow the bacteria to feed.
    Patience! That is the key to a healthy tank.:)

    Oh, sorry, I would like to welcome you to Fish Lore!:;hi2

    An afterthought: I was watching my betta swim around in his 10g tank, which made me really think about the size of a 15g....I think I would put only 2 cories in there, unless the were really small ones (I've heard pygmys are small but don't know much else about them. So the 2 cories and three platies or a small school of neons....
    Something to think about.....
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    Welcome to FishLore!!!

    I have 2 peppered cories and love them! They are by far my favorite fish so far. They will even occassionally wink at you!

    I do agree with lyndaB you need a 30 gal for the cherries. I was looking at getting some of these for my 55gal and I red how aggressive they can be when they feel cramped up.

    Hope this helps!
  8. OP

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    I do not have a tank or equipment yet. My local store said to check up with the community and online before I start. I am also moving in a month which after that I will buy everything. I can get peppered, bronze and juleii corydoras. The store and walmart sell the API 5in1 test strips, hardness, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites and ph. I did setup a 20gallon tank for the store to hold until I move, All that's been done to it was filled halfway and dechlorinated the water. They said if I want a different size tank they will use it for their own purposes. This gives me a bit of flexability when choosing the fish. And yes I would like to have a community tank setup. But walking before I run, just start off with the cories. Thanks.
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    That sounds like a very reponsible store. You lucked out there. :cool:

    As with any endeavor, it's best to do your homework first, then make your first move.