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    I just lost a fancy guppy i had for about a month a day after adding three new ones to the tank. the other three I got 2 days ago were starting to die. I took them back to the pet store and got a refund and got them to test my water. Everything was fine. My ammonia is .25. They think they gave me bad fish. Anyways...all that's left is a 1 and a half in pleco and 4 ghost shrimp. It's a ten gallon tank. (Yes, I realize that's too small for the pleco. I am getting a 55 gallon soon) should I just completely clean the tank out and start over? Clean the gravel, clean the fake plants..keep some of the old water in? Also what are the best fish to keep in a ten gallon, soon to be 55 gallon? The easiest to take care of? Ones that don't need much room or even a filter (I have a filter and an air stone though)
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    Cleaning it like mad will only give you new tank syndrome. Small partial water changes daily until stable and a little gravel cleaning is all you need. You can always keep it as a hospital tank or a shrimp tank when you swap over.

    You have a lot of options for a 55 gallon, I am envious! I wouldn’t recommend adding any more fish until your ammonia is 0 and stays that way for at least a week.
    My favourite recommend would be Cory cats in a shoal of atleast 6 for your new tank, their behaviour is very cute. :)
    Remember you need to break in your 55 gallon nitrogen cycle so don’t get too excited with stocking yet
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    I agree with @Professor Catfish . there aren't really any fish that don't need a filter. your filter is where your BB live so unless you want to do daily or every other day water changes, you actually *want* to have a filter with lots of BB in your cycled media :)

    danio's are very hardy fish. they come in many varieties - long finned danio are beautiful! but they need room to swim so they are a plan for your 55g once it's stocked if you like them :)
  4. EmuhleeValued MemberMember

    oh i think i've learned my lesson on that one lol

    i was told that guppies were hardy fish and hard to kill...i killed them D:
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    Guppies are not as hardy as they used to be. I have a hard time keeping guppies myself. Its at the point where I refuse to even buy then despite how beautiful they are.
  6. EmuhleeValued MemberMember

    awe that sucks
  7. pugletfanWell Known MemberMember

    I have no luck with guppies either! I have read that they tend to be inbred and rather weak fish.