starting new tank looks like saltwater build up any help would be appreate

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hI I just set my tank up 4 days ago I had the filters going two days ago and just let the pump push the water around day 1-2 but my tank looks like it has salt build up even though the salinity of the water is on spot I have some ammonia not much my dad says the room stinks is it the bacteria dying off and tank cycling? heres some photos to show u what's ring on and see if any you guys can help thanks
Photo on 5-28-12 at 4.39 AM #2.jpg
Photo on 5-28-12 at 4.39 AM #3.jpg
Photo on 5-28-12 at 4.39 AM.jpg
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Hey, welcome to fishlore

Hopefully we can help, but I need to know a lot more about this setup as there are a number of things that could have caused this (it's hard to pinpoint from the photos).

What is the water source RO/DI, tap?
Natural Sea Water or Artificial (if artificial, what mix)?
What else is in the tank, live rock? base rock?
Have you added a substrate (e.g. arognite sand)?
What are the filters? were they used?
What is the salinity as you've measured it, and with what?
Have you dosed anything into it (calcium, alkalinity, magnesium)?
What are you using as an ammonia source?
Did you add a bacteria supplement?
What does it smell like, or what does your dad think it smells like?

Sorry for all the questions, but they'll help answer/solve the problem....
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I used filtered water from a brita filter I belive natural sea salt live sans is only thing in there I have yes the filters were used one is hob n one Canaster my hydoromiterv have me a reading that's in the middle no Bactria supplant I can't smell it but he does
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Can you give us specifics/details? Every little detail will help.

Did the filters come straight off an existing setup?

Have you tested your water for Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate? What are the readings?
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The Canaster yes but I took it apart soaked it and cleaned it by hand cleaned the media as well everything else no . AmOnia is 2.5 ppm ph 8 Alk is a 2.9-3.6

As well as no additions to the tank all it is is live sand saltwater mixture and that's it
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I think the smell your dad can sense will be the smell of the ammonia.

What is the intended setup? Fish Only (FO), Fish Only with Live Rock (FOWLR) or Reef?
If you are going for a FOWLR or Reef, I would be adding the Live Rock ASAP, this will aide the cycle.

I'd say the cloudy water is a result of the high ammonia reading.

Have you got a heater on this setup yet? without heat, it's also possible you're also seeing some undissolved salt and/or calcium precipitate. Heat is also required to help the beneficial bacteria grow and establish.

How big is this setup? How much sand did you put in? I wouldn't have expected live sand die off alone to give such a high ammonia reading in 4 days.

Your profile doesn't state any details, so if you already know the following, I apologise in advance.
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I have 40 gallon tank 40 pounds of live sand I got 25 pounds of dry rock on order should be coming to me I can put a heater in there I didn't know you needed. Heater I'll put one in it will I. Need to do a water change? Or leave it I want a reef tank
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Reefs are tropical environments and need to be kept around 78-80 degrees F (25-27 Celsius), so I would definitely be adding a heater. It will also assist in cycling the tank.

I wouldn't do a water change yet, but I would encourage you to read up on the nitrogen cycle, and the links I provided above to greater understand the system you are wanting to achieve.

Before doing any water changes, you'd want to know what has caused the cloudy water as I can only guess based on the info you've given.

If the tank hasn't cleared by the time your rock arrives, I would do a water change then (otherwise you won't be able to see where you're placing the rock )

Keep an eye on the ammonia, if it gets greater than 4ppm, then definitely do a large (50%) water change.

I would also reconsider the filtration method (my threads above will explain marine filtration)

Do as much research as you can to understand the reef environment.
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I really appreate all your help

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