Starting all over 10 gallon tank

  1. Endowarrior21 Member Member

    I am starting all over with my 10 gallon after it and my 5 gallon crashed due to Flukes that came on moss balls I got from Ebay. So now my 5 gallon is empty and soaking with hot water and vinegar. My 10 gallon is cycling with a raw shrimp in a mesh bag behind the sponge filter. I have been cycling for 2 weeks. The test results today were Ammonia 10,Nitrites 20, Nitrates 50, PH 7.2, and Temp 82.7. The plants I put in today are Anubias Nana , Christmas moss,and Water sprite. [​IMG]
  2. musserump09 Well Known Member Member

    prime and water change is the best I got.

  3. Endowarrior21 Member Member

    I have been using Prime for 10 years :) heck Seachem products are all I use but thank you for the tips
  4. No Fishing Member Member

    It's odd to get that high nitrates and ammonia with 0 nitrites. Seems like something isn't right. I would definitely do a few large water changes with prime and stability.

  5. Endowarrior21 Member Member

    My nitrites are 20 and all I have is Prime right now. I plan on doing a water change tomorrow
  6. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    That's a lot of ammonia and nitrites. Try to keep them at around 2-4 or else I believe they start to overpower the bacteria that's trying to eat them.
  7. Endowarrior21 Member Member

    I have had them higher during a cycle they are coming down now like I said I am doing a water change tomorrow than I will test tomorrow night.

  8. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Interesting, well hopefully it levels out soon!
  9. Zed Initiate Member

    I think your tank is still cycling, since your ammonia and nitrites are converting to nitrates, water change will definitely bring down your nitrates levels, and the bacteria seem to be doing their job in converting ammonia and nitrites, it is possible that you're keeping your tank slightly warmer than it should be, bringing the temperature down to sub 80 will slow everything down, and possibly bring stability to your tank. Other than that, it's just a matter of patience... Ugh... patience. Anyways, good luck. What are your plans for stock?
  10. Endowarrior21 Member Member

    My temp is room temp no heater plugged in my tank right now I ordered a clip on fan to see if that can help plus once my central air is fixed that should bring it down to 78F. It will be home to a Betta, MTS, and 4 Otos. I also planning on getting more plants.

    It normally does but thank you

  11. clk89 Fishlore VIP Member

    Just to let you know ten gallons isn't big enough for otos. It is great for the betta. :)
  12. Endowarrior21 Member Member

    I have had them before in a 10 gallon they lived for 8 yrs I don't plan on added them until it is well planted and established seeing I know they need Algae to eat.
  13. Zed Initiate Member

  14. No Fishing Member Member

    Otos definitely need more space, you may have successfully kept them before but most like their growth was stunted.
  15. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Just because you had them in a tank that small and they lived for 8 years doesn't mean they were happy. Otos need to be in groups of 6+. A 10gal is to small for them. Just because they live that long doesn't mean they were happy. Just because you can put a dog in a cage and it can survive doesn't mean it's happy.
  16. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    This is true, it is not accurate to say a fish is happy just because it lived long or "seemed happy" you really can't tell if a fish is happy or barely hanging on sometimes because fish have such different behavior from humans. A "happy" fish is a healthy fish, and a healthy fish grows to its full potential size (or even past that. This definitely isn't possible when kept in tanks that are just plain too small for it) and maintains low stress levels (which in the case of an otocinclus means having a group of 6+ and hiding places to feel secure) as well as living in the correct water parameters (allowing it to breath easy and swim easy as it's body's requirements are met.)

    Never get a fish you don't have space for. Survive does not = thrive.
  17. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    And even if you do the Inch per a gallon rule(outdated) this is still overstocked
  18. Endowarrior21 Member Member

    Okay than I will change my stock a Betta,MTS,and ADF(which I will target feed)....BTW they were the only ones in the tank with ghost shrimp and all were 1.5" to 2" long but thank you for the input :)
  19. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    They grow 1.5 inches. So that's 7.5gals for 6, but you still want them to space out
  20. Endowarrior21 Member Member

    I have a school of 10 in my 50 gallon and the oldest is 4 yrs old and she is 2" but I will go with the ADF mine ate everything than again I over filter my tanks too lol