Starting Again.! 75 Gallon South American Cichlid Tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by pringles2, May 23, 2018.

  1. pringles2New MemberMember

    Hello to All.!!!
    Thanks for the join.!

    I am just in the "thinking" (planning) mode for starting up a 75 GALLON Tank based on the South American (Amazon) Cichlid community fish.
    I have written down the fish I would like.
    Now the hard part comes → in selecting the Equipment to keep the tank operating naturely and safely...

    This is what I have thought of buying:

    Fluval 406 Cannister Filter

    Aquaclear 70 HOB Filter ( Secondary Filter)

    And all the "necessary" Media to go into them.!

    Heater (1 or 2.???)

    Hood & Lighting.(???)

    Sand Substrate. (Pool)

    Plastic Plants.
    Maybe a few Live Ones.

    Multiple type rocks to make caves. (???)

    The Fish I Would Like:

    Long Fin German Blue Rams
    (2 Males)

    Long Fin Electric Blue Ram
    (1 Female → Hopefully to pair with one of the Male German Rams ???))

    Long Fin Gold Ram
    (1 Female → Hopefully to pair with one of the Male German Rams ???)

    Apistogramma Cacatouides
    (2 Pair)

    Sailfin Molly
    (2 Pair)

    Lyetail Swordfish
    (1 Pair)

    Corydoras Catfish
    ( 3 Pandas, 3 Albino, 3 Sterbai )

    Maybe some different colored Shrimp.???

    Redtail Shark

    Weather Loach

    Clown Loach

    Dwarf Gourami
    (1 Pair)

    Maybe more in the future...

    It's been over 30 years since I had my last 60 gallon community tank. I would think there is so much newer and better equipment to use, and I am unaware of what they are, and how to coordinate them all together to make
    "One Natural, Clean, and Healthy Aquarium".....

    Does anyone have any comments or advise.???

  2. Mick Frost

    Mick FrostValued MemberMember

    Looks like a lot of bottom dwellers, you may have issues (especially if spawning happens). Don't think the Sterbai and Aenus will school together, but I could be wrong. Clowns need more friends.
    For heating I'd go with 2x 200W or an inline 300W+.
    Spend the extra $20 for an AC110, it's well worth it.
  3. OP

    pringles2New MemberMember

    Yeah. Too many, maybe, on the bottom. I'll probably drop the Clown Loaches. Too bad. -- They are nice looking....
    8 S.A. Dwarf Cichlids is too much in a 75 gallon.? With Caves, plants and rocks to obstruct the
    "line-of-vision" between them.???
    Such gorgeous fish......
  4. Mick Frost

    Mick FrostValued MemberMember

    Rams and Apistos are generally tamer, but Cichlids are Cichlids. It'll take some work to get them to accept territorial lines, and theres the possibility of it all going out the window if theres fry involved.

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