starting a second tank

  1. ramon Initiate Member

    Will it help to cycle the new tank with water from an established tank
  2. Jason Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, there was a discussion about that a month ago or something I'll see if i can find where they posted it.
  3. Jason Well Known Member Member

  4. Jason Well Known Member Member

    Hey is your name ramon or raymond because its just a coincedence that my friends made this little nickname think up:
    First nickname was J-Man, then Jay, then Ray, then Ramon, now Ramondo.
    Weird school thing
  5. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    It won't hurt anything to use water from an established tank, but it won't do much. Your good bacteria is mainly in your filter, in your gravel, and on the walls and decorations of the tank. It is not usually free floating. If you want to "borrow" some gravel from an established tank and put it in a nylon stocking and place it in your filter for the new tank, you could get bacteria that way. You could also place a smalll piece of sponge in the filter of an established tank a couple of weeks before setting up your new one, and then use this piece of sponge to seed your new filter in the new tank.
  6. ramon Initiate Member

    my name is actually ramon
  7. ramon Initiate Member

  8. Jason Well Known Member Member

    thats all right but all i know is what ive been reading off the posts on this forum. I'm still pretty new at this and learning heaps all the time. I only got a tank in January and this is he best site to find info and help thats for sure