Starting A New Tank.... 10 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Masterown35, Jul 17, 2019.

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    (Sorry for the vague title, couldn't think of a good one)

    Anyways, I'm starting a new 10 gallon tank(attempting to start the cycle this weekend) and have been looking into different types of fish to get. However, I'm having trouble deciding what kind of fish to actually get, as every time I try to research it, I'm always getting different answers. For a bit of background, I've only ever had a betta when I was really young, and a goldfish about 7 or 8 years ago.

    I know a 10 gallon is pretty small for someone who is more of a beginner in the wider-range of fish(not goldfish or bettas), but I'm aiming to have around 5 fish in the tank, or at least not have a tank with 1 or 2 fish in it. The two fish I've been looking into are Neon Tetras, and Danios(can't think of the exact kind off of the top of my head). In different articles, I've seen people say one is hard and the other is easy, and vice-versa. That's what brought me here. If anyone can recommend which of the two is best, or another type of fish, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    I have celestial pearl danios in my 10. They are beautiful and very active. I think you could do 8-10. I have Pygmy cories with them (habrosus) though that is frowned upon.
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    I like them both but Danios may be more fun. Here's a video of a guy I follow on youTube..Serpa Design - he has a Danio tank and is re-scaping it so you can see them buzzing around his arm as he's working and he's describing their personalities, behaviors, and stuff. Then you see them relaxing in the final product. (he works on a couple different tanks in this video)

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    welcome back to fishkeeping!
    most danios are suitable for beginners, my personal favorites being zebra danios. they're spunky little fellas.
    If you want to take a risk with a more fragile fish, try ember tetras, neon tetras, or cardinal tetras. these guys all have great colors.
    you can definitely keep a betta happily in a 10 gallon tank, though, just refrain from the ones that come in cups at big pet stores as they're usually inbred with a lot of issues... also they don't like fast schooling fish that much like danios and tetras so maybe that's not the right place for you.

    even if you weren't thinking about snails, i'd recommend nitrites or mysteries to anyone! i have four mysteries in my 29gal and they're sometimes more fun to watch than the fish!! they're adorable (in my opinion) and so silly... they float on their backs and skydive from the top of the glass into the water!

    here's some common pitfalls for a beginner aquarist-
    - too few schooling fish (ex, keeping 3 neon tetras)
    - common plecos
    - goldfish/other carp types
    - petco/petsmart bettas
    - not cycling your tank

    best of luck!