Starting a New 20 Gal Tank - Part 2

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HI There,

After a month or two of cycling the new 20 gallon tank, transferring the 3 platys to it, getting 7 guppies and quarantining them in the old 10 gallon tank for 2 weeks...... I now have everyone in one tank !

I put the guppies, 2 a day in the bigger tank with the platys till they were all transferred.

Now I have potential trouble

One of the platys ( the largest one) is suddenly very nervous and darting around the tank. He's not really attacking or pecking anyone but more like playing policeman and hearding everyone around. And on top of that he's started pecking the thermometer and the little paddlewheel boat in the tank !

I don't think he has ick, I don't see any spots on him. But the pecking and nervous behavior have me concerned.

Should I go ahead and raise the temperature in the tank anyway? Just in case?
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Do you have a water testing kit? What are the readings for ammonia, nitrates and nitrites?

Testing the water is always the best place to start!
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did you just put him in there? My platys are always nervous whenever they get switched tanks.
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HI Barb -- If you click my Auqarium Info under my name my water info is up to date

HI Angel -- The platys have been in the 20 gallon tank for about 2 months now. I just added all the guppies this week.
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Wow hope you find out the issue and extinguish if asap.
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that's an it not an if sry lol.
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His pecking at the thermometer and boat decor could be him eating. The addition of all those guppies may have him feeling threatened as he was probably at the top of the pecking order. The behavior he's showing could be him making certain that the new fish understand that.

I'd watch him for any changes, but at this point I don't see something to treat him for and would leave things as they are, unless you see any change in him. I'd keep that tank about 76-78F with just platys & gups in it.
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*sigh* I think he has ick

This morning I saw a few light colored patches on him but they're not white dots, just light coloration.

I think with the added stress of having added the other fish it made him nervous and aggressive and brought the ick out.
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Update -- no change in his "spots", I don't see any cysts and now he's in a constant vertical position when he's not actively swimming. He seems to want to stay by the thermometer for some reason.

None of the other fish are showing signs of ick or any other problems.

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Well, it's been 2 weeks and the little guy seems to be ok now. I don't know what happened but he's swimming around with the other fish just fines and seems to not be as nervous and edgy as he once was. Still pecking at the thermometer, but not as much as before.

And best of all, NO ICK!

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