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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Corius, Jul 16, 2019.

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    So the gods have skilled on me today. Closed on a house with full basement (1100 sqft) concrete floors, floor drain,w hookups and the best feature 8 foot wide garage door.

    Up until this point I have been mucking about with smaller tanks all over the house like many of us on this forum. 14 tanks total smallest 5gal biggest 55 gal. Now that I have the room I'm wanting to go to the next level and play with the big boy tanks.

    I want to get everything set up right the first time so I'm asking if anyone can share resources on how to get filtration and drainage setup to handle multiple tanks. So that I can spend more time enjoying my fish and less time dragging hoses all over the basement.

    Eventually I would like to have a couple of 300-500 gal tanks and at least 1 1100 gal
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    Well, are you wanting a DIY setup for the plumbing? YouTube is a great resource for that. Also if you're buddies with people at a lfs they might let you see how a lot of their stuff is plumbed.
    As far as adding water you could just use some pex with ball valves to add filtered water to the tanks all on the same line. Easy.
    Same with draining but you would need a pump to start the siphon process.

    Filtration on the other hand I would strongly advise separate filtration for each tank or at least keep them as separate as possible.

    Some relevant advice would also be to have some kind of exhaust fan to keep the humidity in the room low enough you don't have serious mold or fungus issues.
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    Thanks for the great advice I didn't even think about humidity down there