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In the past I've used an Aqueon medium 5" siphon for my 10 gallon tank. Since then I got an intestinal infection from my fish from getting water in my mouth from sucking to start. I won't do that anymore..

I'm looking to get a starter bulb for the Aqueon or another siphon that has a starter bulb. I've seen Lee's gravel vac that comes with one.

I'm looking for people with experience who can comment on 1) a good gravel vac that is actually strong enough to suck up debris but won't clog with gravel, and 2) has an excellent bulb (or otherwise) self starter. 3) works in only 9 gallons of water).


I use a hagen starter bulb, you hook it to whatever siphon you want and just pump your hand a few time to start the siphoning. I had to use a piece of ducktape to hold it onto the hose but that was because I have many many different siphon brands. It does come with two different adapters to fit different hoses.

You just have to make sure to shake the siphon every once in a while so not to suck up the gravel to the top,thou it is hard sometimes. Some siphons come with a gravel guard but if the gravel goes up too quick it can still clog up. Most of the time it is snail shells not gravel that stops my siphons.


This is a very effective method:


I just bought the EheI'm one from Drs Foster & Smith and it works well so far.


Just an update on the EheI'm suction starter--it works amazingly well on tiny or large hoses. It makes starting my gravel vacs a piece of cake.


I have an aqueon siphon that has a little one way valve that all you have to do is run it up and down in the water a couple times and BAM! Siphon started! I really like it.
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Gotta say, I'm a big fan of the method posted by porkozone in post #3.
I've been using that method every week for 2 years! Didn't cost a dime, has never failed, and never needs new batteries
Plus it doesn't disturb the fish by splashing in their tank.

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