Started cycling my 8 gallon tank - fishless

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HI forum,

I have started cycling my 8 gallon tank without any fishes. It runs a power filter and an undergravel filter. I'm feeding the tank twice a day. I'm a bit confused with what fishes I can add to the 8 gallon

Any suggestions please?!
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It's just been two days since I have set it up..

Hope it finishes off fast..

Unfortunately, I don't have a Water test kit or rather couldn't afford for it.. right now..

Edit: How could I tell that it has finished cycling..
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You need a test kit to be able to tell. Your ammonia, nitrite will be at 0 and you will have a low nitrate reading.
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Could someone tell me whether I can complete the cycle without the help of the Test Kit

If yes, what should I do?
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Please someone reply to this post..

I think the experts haven't seen this post yet..
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Sorry lokky.funky don't know of anyway to know if the cycle is over without any testing materials
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I know test strips are generally not recommended because they're not as accurate and reliable as liquid tests are, but liquid tests are usually more expensive from strip tests. I suppose, if you can't afford the liquid tests, strip tests would be better than none at all. But, yes, you need some kind of tests to know the progress of the cycle.
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For an 8 gallon tank, why not go back with a mix of Mollies and Swordtails(two females and one male of each) for the potential mix of colors in the fry, plus they're both a pretty hardy species.. another thing to consider is the source of water and treatment methods used by the LFS you buy your fish from, if your LFS uses water from the same source(reservoir) you do at home, then why not ask how they treat the water they use in the tanks their fish are in and apply the same for your tank at home.. as far as how much longer you should continue your fish-less cycle, I'd say another 10-11 days should do it.. bear in mind Lokky, there are books written by fish experts like Dick Mills, Neal Pronek and Dr. Gwynne Vevers that downplay the need to cycle tanks and place more importance on water-quality/treatment and the optimum numbers of fish according to the size of the tank, along with a proper feeding and cleaning/water change schedule. In the next several days, you could be back with a tank of fish, just be sure to shop for healthy ones because no matter what your tankwater readings are, you'll face an uphill battle getting them healthy again and preventing the others from getting sick.. make sure there are no signs of finrot or ulcers to the body, also look for erect dorsal fins which according to the experts is a sign of good health.
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I don't know on a small tank, maybe it is faster, but in the forums I've read people seem to have to wait at least 3 or 4 weeks until their tanks are cycled. Maybe someone on the betta board with a smaller tank knows? If you do put fish in now, do tons of water changes or you may lose them. Waiting is hard..isn't it!? good luck!!
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Thanks for all the advice.

I'll try to get a test strip, as soon as possible

I'll be in no hurry to add fishes, as I have already gone through a gruesome period over the last four months with an uncycled and overstocked tank.

I'll be humane this time. I have gone through a post saying that a few non-attractive, but happy fish is better than a lot of unhappy fish, which are so beautiful.

I'm researching the internet for information on various species. I'll probably end up with one of the livebearers or a betta.

Meanwhile, I feel that the power filter I have added is a little too fast for my tank. It pushes the food that I feed the tank so very fast, that I'm a bit sceptic about how this strong current will affect the fishes. Any comments?
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Is there a nob on the top of your filter that will let you adjust the amount of water that flows through it? Hopefully there is, and you can just turn the pressure down. Good luck!
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what I done was waited a week cycling the tank and went to my local shop and bougt some guppys. guppys are able to survive almost anything are look great.You must be prepared to have loads of baby fish but if you don't want them thwn let nature take its place.
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Thanks fr the comments Timesdragonfly and mcminnj.

Timesdragonfly, the filter doesn't really have a knob to control the flow of water.. I have attached the picture of the filter I got from one of the sites.. it is exactly the same brand and make.. I have for my tank.

mcminnj, I don't really want to strain the small creatures.. with all the ammonia and nitrite stuff..

I was so fed up the last time, I saw my pets going off one by one.. So, I decided to be patient this time..

Edit: The one inside the red rectangle is the one I have
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I heard that when your tank cycles it goes cloudy and will be safe for your fish after the cloudiness.
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Any idea how I can reduce the strong current produced by the filter?
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It appears you have a canister filter. You should have a valve on both the inlet and outlet of the filter. If there aren't valves, you should get at least one. splice it in line on the hose. Use a couple hose clamps tokeep it from leaking.
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No safooma..

It is not a canister filter. I spoke with the guyz at the pet store and saw all the models before picking this one..

Could someone solve my problem, so that I can add the lovely little ones.. when the tank has cycled completely..
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I do not really know of any easy way to lower to pressure other then to get a smaller filter. I personally think that 10 times the tank size filter calculation is to much. As long as there is good water circulation, no dead spots in the water and the tank is not over stocked, 2-3 times the capacity is just fine. In your tank size if it were mine I would get a filter for in the 20-30gph range, and it should be just fine.
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Sorry, I don't know anything about that filter.. ???
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I've read in one of the posts that adding more sponges into the filter will reduce the water flow.

Shall I try doing that?

Is it advisable?
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Could someone answer me please?
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Is anyone going to answer him? Because I don't know.
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I believe it is about the same type of filter that I used to have.  You can either leave the top out of the water or submerge the whole thing right?  It is about the size of a small can of soda.  The way that mine was the flow valve at the top rotated so the water would go in any direction, does yours do this?

If yours does this, then you need to place it by a corner and point the flow so the flow is directed into the corner and it will not go into the tank to fast but still filter the water just as well.  It does the best to leave the top a little bit out of the water instead of putting the whole thing underwater also.  See if things help.

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I'll try that out Rose.

Thanks for the direction. I'll place the filter a little out of the water.

And am planning to get a Betta. I'm researching it currently

The tank cycle started on the 29th of Oct..

So, I'll give it some time to cycle completely.. and then add a betta

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